First grow, first post


@Trippy_kidd @GreenThunder thanks for posting those. The oil filled radiant heater is probably the closest comparison. I have a constant heat source in the shed. So depending on heat demands the boiler will fire and put extra heat. Going to install a hole in the floor to bring in cooler air. With a damper. It only needs to be a few degrees cooler. Exhaust exit is the next step for when summer arrives.
@GreenThunder your grow in the house?


Yes, in what used to be my son’s room. It’s the only space available in my mini home. Less than 1000 sf, 2 bedrooms and 2 full baths. Just enough room for me, hubby, the girls, and a dog. Was just me, the boy and dog when I bought it.
My poor ma still has to bunk on the couch when she visits but totally doesn’t mind because the ‘spare’ room is occupied as it is :wink:


@GreenThunder it looks as though you keep your light cycle synced with nature’s I reccomened running them flipped elec tends to actually be cheaper during the evening


Its inly cheaper if you have a smart meter installed at the house thebold style meyers can tell when your using the power
Just a fyi folks


I may do that on the next batch because the temps got pretty high last summer.


@dbrn32 @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 @GreenThunder @Hunter00
Dunno if this is a record, but I got my second order of beans in 5 business days. (Here today) My first order never arrived. I hope it makes it! I know there’s a waiting period before I contact customer service, not sweating it yet. This is why you order early and plan ahead. But horoughly amazed an order arrived this fast. Especially AK. Postibive note, at least it was the larger order!
10 Maui Wowie
5 sour diesel
5 super lemon haze


Sweet! My last order took something like 38 days from time order was processed.


This is why I left a cushion of time. This makes me sad that it might take this long, but at least it could still arrive. Not sweating it yet… Impatient maybe though. Lol


All of my orders have arrived here 9-12 days. 5 days is a record to AK, I’m pretty sure!

How many business days for the first order? Or the date they shipped?


1/9/18 is the day they shipped @bob31 I’m sure they’re still in transit somewhere. When I saw the package (no photos I remember) I thought it was the first one. So I opened it just to check. Then was shocked to find the second order.


You’ve got a few days to go to get to the 25 business days. Hopefully they show up.


No worries yet @bob31


That’s fast for anywhere but especially to Alaska!! Like sonic fast!! :sunglasses:


@dbrn32 @MAXHeadRoom
Unfortunate news today, Mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. She’s considered young for this diagnosis at 61. (As far as I know) So I’ll be moving back sooner than later. Just have to get a lot of things in order. @MAXHeadRoom is there a good resource for a medical MJ card there? I’ll be growing for her. I can closet grow too, but never hurts to be legal either. Any suggestions for strains are welcome as well. Thanks all to follow along.


Sorry to hear that Bro.


That’s terrible, I’m so sorry to hear the news. I’m not even sure what to say, we’ll keep you all in our thoughts and pray for the best outcome possible.


So sorry to hear @Covertgrower. Wish I could give you a big hug. Hang in there buddy :heart:


Sorry for that horrible news brother. Hope you get everything in order and I’m sure she’ll appreciate what you’re doing for her. Best wishes bud


Sorry to hear about your mom; she is very lucky to have you, I’m sure it’s a great relief for her to know you’ll be there. My aunt got the same diagnosis last year. It’s been very hard on my cousin; she became disabled a couple years ago and while she is recovering she is not able to help with her mom’s care.
Try to remember to take care of yourself too. :green_heart:


Thanks @Rugar89 @dbrn32 @MattyBear and @GreenThunder
I appreciate everyone’s support.
She is in the early stages. My sister and Dad both suggested this appointment for the obvious reasons of asking the same question repeatedly. I noticed the same when she came to visit last summer. The saddest part is my mom has been a nurse since she was 21. She only recently stopped working for fear of harming someone with medication. She knows how it will end, as she has witnessed many cases over her career. Including both grandmothers. Her mom is currently struggling with it. I just know I have to move back to at least support my dad in all of this. I hate to leave a great paying job, but you can’t take money with you. I can get a job anywhere, and spending priceless time with her means everything. I told her I would send some
CBD oil soon, and I hope she starts a regular dose, as I really hear good things about it. I just hope Dad is on board with this. My Dad is the strong silent type, and really doesn’t communicate well if he is onboard.