First grow, first post


Yessir. In perspective, that would be like 1350+ wall watts for 16 square feet. Almost twice what you would need if they were cheap leds on garbage drivers. I guess if I thought it about like that in the first place I would’ve just said so lol.

You certainly don’t need the mono’s, and in my opinion the uv even less. But I know you were playing with the idea of the mono’s in the past Let it sit on me a bit and I’ll see if any lightbulbs go off.


Feel free to scroll back up and start from the beginning. Many lessons as a first time grower. Not enough light, light burn all kinds of fun stuff.
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@Covertgrower so I forgot we have the same gauge for temp and rh so I’m gonna post my week schedule becuase I switched from 24 on to 18/6 in my tent and my temps kinda fluctuate but I don’t think it’s badbut I have an cold spurt more then hot


And the only reason it was dropping below 70 when the lights were off is because the temp controller I have my heater connected to got turned down and for a day or 2 I forgot to plug in my heater when I rearranged my wiring


@Trippy_kidd You’re good. My tent drops to around that temperature as well. I’m still manually switching the intake near the heat source. They’re better than they used to be.


You know electricity is generally cheaper at night so lights on at night would be cheaper if you’re concerned and I have a free flow intake ducting for my air intake and then my high velocity 6inch to my hood for extraction. And I still have negative pressure but I feel it’s enough to pull in the fresh air and taking out the old and still maintain negative pressure


I have my light off from 11am-5pm it’s usually warmer then too to maintain heat and no get to cold


@Trippy_kidd the electricity price is the same here. The boiler in the same space and does a pretty good job of keeping the space warm. The problem is the boiler burns the warm air when it runs the most and sucks in cold air. That’s why it gets a little cold. Still dialing it in and getting better. It was 25° colder than that. I have the intake next to the boiler exhaust. That’s why you see a humidity spike from the boiler firing, and a temp drop. Also this is a shed outside.


@BobHu here it is.


@dbrn32 @Screwauger @BIGE @VelcroThumb @jusgettinby @Iowacountryboy Here’s the tent. 2nd week of flower we are seeing some pistols, but nothing super exciting. I have too much nitrogen to the monster cropped GSC, and she’s clawing just a bit. The other seemed to be unaffected. Same nutrients. The rest are all recovering well from mostly light bleaching. The one in the back, is still sad, but may surprise me.


This young lady right here I believe is going to be ridiculous!


@dbrn32 that one is Txaki, high CBD, low THC, but honestly the last grow it still seemed potent enough. Sativa dominant, I’ve super cropped her and topped her, and she’s still that tall. They were good producers. They do take longer to flower, about two weeks longer than everyone.


I didn’t even really notice the height. She’s full!


@dbrn32 so, I’m not sure at what temperature it happens at, but the fan on smart setting, does shut off. So at least now I know.


Temperatures seem to be much more stable. I’m not sure what temperatures people typically have in their tents, or what anyone’s max temperature is?
I gained about 8-12° With the added fixtures. I disconnected the carbon filter a while back. I may add it again soon, and continue monitoring. Not sure how much of a restriction it adds. Thoughts?


Perhaps I should’ve played with mine more. No issues with it starting back up as needed, or anything like that?


@dbrn32 everything seems to work like it should at the moment. Thermostatically controlled fan doing better than I could ever ask. Turns on slowly, and as temperatures rise, it runs full speed.


That’s good.


@Covertgrower I’m in a 4x4 with a 1000w air cooled with a 6inch exhaust fan a 4inch intake blower a 15 inch floor fan and a 900w oil radiant heater


Here’s my current day and week…