First grow, first post


What I sampled was grown outdoors in the northeast and not even sure it got a chance to “fully ripen” but wow, what a flavor and aroma that stuff has. Should be primo @VelcroThumb


What exactly is this called @Covertgrower because I have a 4x4 tent set up starting up in my Un attached garage so I’d like to be able to know without running out all thebtime


@Trippy_kidd are you asking about my lighting kit?


THE device that records your temps and such from WiFi I wanna get that




Don’t you need thsi too to work over the internet?


@crazyots no, this can work without it. If you want to check anywhere far away, like when you’re on vacation or something, then you’d need the gateway.


Here’s an update on the girls. Lots of new growth, and just waiting on root growth on the clones before flipping the lights! @dbrn32 @VelcroThumb @MAXHeadRoom @Screwauger @Whoeverelseisfollowingalong


Poppa’s got his hands full. All looking great @Covertgrower


@tlc4235 here it is. Some failures, and ultimately results in the end.


Whoever is still following along, I just ordered train wreck.
Train wreck will be grown with: super lemon haze, jack Herer, Maui waui, and sour diesel.
Jack Herer is the only one I have currently. Other orders coming soon. Guess I’ll need another grow journal. Haha. All of these are or will be ILGM!
@BIGE @dbrn32 @rodri59 @Screwauger @VelcroThumb
I have yet to order the QB288’s, but I decided I can grow with what I have, and the next grow cycle I’ll have those to add by then. Tax refunds baby! @dbrn32 you think 6 panels are overkill? Or should I really just get 4 would be ok? I’ll be repeating the the same fixture of some kind for the other half of that 4X4 space. Homemade or otherwise. (Those computer heatsinks) I just haven’t assembled a plan yet.


I am racking my brain and cannot remember if you grow in soil, soilless, or hydro @Covertgrower, must be that new bong. Anyway my question is, if you are going to be doing your next grow in soil, will you change it up much to grow the Maui? I saw it likes some volcanic stuff in the grow mixture. Just curious! :green_heart: :seedling:


Soil @FreakyDeekie probably will just add more FFOF. It’s difficult to follow a lot grow journals. Don’t blame you at all. Do you have a volcanic soil to recommend?


I’m not sure what you’re asking. To add 6 qb’s to the 12 cree’s? Or to do something entirely different?

I think 12 cobs and 4 qbs is plenty. Whether you do half and half, or 2 qbs between each row of Cree, or a single row of qb’s down center and 6 cobs on each side. It’s more than enough.


@dbrn32 yes. 6 panels off of center mixed in with the Cree’s.
So I’ll just add 4 then. Just as you said between the rows of Cree’s. Should I run the QB’s off of one driver? Or get two drivers? I’m planning for a driver with an external pot. I like those. I just know I’m competing with the sun and realizing how short I was on the first grow.


Awesome @Covertgrower. I am getting ready to drop seeds for my 2nd grow too. Jack Herer and Sour Diesel will be in mine as well… I started my grow journal #2 at:


I’m “watching” and eager to see your progress. That’s a sweet line up of strains. Every darn day I have a new favorite that I want to buy. every one of these strains has been in my cart at one point lol.

Good luck Bro.


I’m following along still! Keep it up bro!


You’ll need two drivers if you want to push them, whatever ends with b will have external dimming leads.

If you’re going external dimmer and xl heatsinks I would go a little higher on available drive current. Just to have the extra power, and then you can dim for normal running.

I can take a look in a little bit. There’s probably a good hlg-320


Sounds good, no rush. Won’t happen for awhile. You already know I wanted to push them a little harder. I’ll get the appropriate heat sink for it to work best with. Thanks @dbrn32