First grow, first post


Cool, let me know.

You have the ability to dim, which should give you some wiggle room. But at 50 Watts a cob you’ll want a minimum of about 15” light spacing. So we’ll work backwards from that.


Gonna be a SOG in there Mr. Covert, aye carumba that is a “decent” crop!! Following along eagerly!!



@Screwauger yeah I feel like I’m at a stall point… they’re growing, but nothing exciting is happening like flowering. Patience will pay off this go around. I have more experience and know what the expectations are.


An hour ago I was comparing pictures of my green crack plant on 12/1 compared to today.
For the past week I have been frustrated as it seemed stalled. I felt as you stated.
It isn’t/wasn’t but I get exactly what you mean/feel.


That’s ten days growth that took two f’ing months to happen @Covertgrower LMAO


@Screwauger is the gc from ilgm? I’ve been trying to figure out if it’s actually indica dominant as the website describes? It certainly appears to have sativa like leaf structure.


Every where else I’ve checked green crack says sativa dominant. I’m leaning towards typo.
Btw @dbrn32 I have 60” to the face of the blurple led lights that are non dimmable. If I get into a pickle I am able to gain an additional 6”. The sativa dominant strain is 30” from the floor currently. I’ll do some bending soon, to keep the height comfortable, because I know what she will do at least. Everything else that doesn’t stretch as much is 15” or less. And I would say they do a 100% stretch.


So you plan on them doubling, and that would give you about a foot off the lights?


I think that sounds about right. Give or take on some of the doubling. It’s probably closer to 75% stretch. But predictable. @dbrn32


You’re pretty close then. You’re going to pull more per watt with those cobs, so I wouldn’t feel the need to push them too late. Even if you end up with a little more room than necessary it’s certainly better than the alternative. With the new lights and all I’d feel better going earlier than later anyway. If nothing else you’ll get to learn and figure them out without having to cut them short on light.

That’s just me of course, so run em however you’d like. I’m more concerned with whether I talked you into running a couple of clones 12/12 from root with them lol.


@dbrn32 You did. Before I make the switch, I’ll definitely get some clones, wait for roots, and put them in the tent with 12/12. For the sake of the forum. I’ll be sure to tag everyone. It’ll be fun.
As far as vegging/flowering im thinking around 1-2 more weeks. I just want to make sure they get a proper root system before making the switch.


Sweet! Week or two sounds reasonable enough.


No @dbrn32 it’s not. This Green Crack auto is from FastBuds and were gifted to me.


@Screwauger i’ve tried fastbuds genetics before with a gsc auto…
worked out well!


I’ve also got two Crystal Meth Auto beans from them @BIGE

Only two of each so I was bummed when one of the G cracks croaked as a seedling.

The ones I am eager to grow are some Dark Devils from Sweet Seeds but those are gonna take a back seat to ILGM Blueberry and ILGM Pineapple Haze.


dark devils and bloody skunk!! lol
ohh yea i’ve eyeballed those…
i believe santa might bring some blackberry kush…lol and a 10+10 when/if christmas sale happens.


As soon as I see a 10 plus 10 on pineapple, I am stocking up… As the kids say, that sh*t’s Fire dewd.


i’ve tried at least one of every strain that i have on hand…lol
@Screwauger thanks now i must go look at genetic profiles for hours… @Smokin_ernie over there talking about fishing too…i’m glad it is early!


talk fishing any time @BIGE


When you see them everyday they seem to grow slow which is why I do weekly pics I can look back and see what actually happened, though in my hydro grows even a day can be shocking to see the growth


@Screwauger that pineapple has the longest flowering time… 85 days! I have one going, and hopefully it turns out to be primo!!!