First grow, first post


Compromising is important @noobius! I did that in the beginning, and now she’s 100% on board! I wish you the best in your endeavors. It helps if she helps consume the end product as well. Then they understand.


Not bragging but legalization helps.
My gal does not consumer other than an edible here and there.
A few yrs back I started some clones for a friend under a shelf in the basement.
Four 4’ florescents and 15 seedlings in tiny pots.
She freaked right out. Mostly because of the whole asset seizure part of the law.'
This isn’t my house, we are not married and she calls the shots.
As soon as it was legal in this state, she was all on board, interested and mildly jealous of my new hobby.
It’s a commitment but for sure helps if both want the end goal.
@Covertgrower @noobius


Seems like a fair trade @noobius Since I can see the benefits of both sides of that debate I’d say it was a successful negotiation. Win, win for both of you ~ besides, the best relationships are built on compromise.


ive always been the firm believer in “happy wife, happy life, or theres at least less complaining” :joy:


By.All.Means. @noobius



@noobius @Screwauger legal here, but the amount I have might be a few too many… isn’t that what carbon filters are for? I know nobody on here cares. Nobody’s knocking on doors asking how many anyone has, and if there isn’t any suspicion of growing, then there’s no reason to ask…


@Covertgrower That’s the exact argument that won me the chance to grow!!! Lol


Good job @Covertgrower! That’s quite the professional set up you got there :wink::sunglasses:


Tagless update! I finally got around to doing some LST, and lots of super cropping. I feel really comfortable doing this now, because I know the end result! So here’s my “monster cropped and super cropped” GSC I used copper wire it’s what I had laying around, and I haven’t seen anyone use it. You can make loops and brace the plant against itself instead tying it to the side of the pot. I’ll do an official update Friday, I expect the plants to recover from some of the LST by then.


the tent cheers fam u good


Great idea @Covertgrower looks great


@Openmind here’s that circle LST I was talking about.

So here’s the rest of the gang, recovering from their rootbound solo cups. This light is is growing some weeds! @MiracleGro rapid led. Just fed and watered everyone so they should be happy. So the first grow was at 15” tall when switching to flowering… we are there now, but, I need to wait for some proper root growth. Here’s the rest of the gang @Screwauger @Countryboyjvd1971 @dbrn32 @MAXHeadRoom @BIGE @GreenThunder @Bogleg @neckNflu



Flinging those photons lol!

Was that you that was talking about throwing a rooted clone into flower with them on no veg time when you flip?


@dbrn32 No, but it can be done. Just won’t yield much. Yes, they’re loving this light. I might be biased, but I think they’re doing better with this light that burple lights. Not sure. What’s your thoughts with an 80” ceiling height? Flip the schedule next week? I’m down to two jars left. WW and GSC. LOL

Edit: ok that sounded panicky, I probably could get those two jars to stretch a good month. Just wondering about the ceiling factor maybe?


I think you should give it a go on a couple of the sativas. They’re a little longer flowering right?

It’s not going to hurt anything. Just grab a couple and give them 10-14 days to root, throw them in a pot and let them go. Sure, they won’t yield as much as the others with veg time on them, and they’ll finish a little behind. But it would all be bonus weed right?

You’re biased I’m sure of it lol. But I’m also fairly certain that those plants should grow healthy a little easier under that type of light spectrum than a blurple. I wouldn’t be surprised if they eat a little more though, so be vigilant.

As far as height, you’re asking how tall to let them go before flipping?


@dbrn32 Correct. How tall should I allow them to get? We are at the 15” (most of them) had a little room left. I would like veg a little longer, but not too long and run out of height. The sativas I’ve topped to keep them short. But they stretch at least 200%. So I’m careful of that one.ill clone a few for experimental sake of the forum! Lol


They are 15” above top of pot right? How much room do you currently have from top of plants to bottom of light when light is as high as it goes?


I’ll check when i get home. @dbrn32


Those some great looking weeds. I bet for those strains that like to grow tall they could be started out in a somewhat tight but ever widening circle that’s always the same height. I checked tonight and there were no more bugs and chewed leaves on mine. I was happy to see that. It also likes like the one is getting ready to flower. I’m seriously excited. I don’t think smoking weed is addictive. Growing it is.