First grow, first post


That’s really cool! Mine opens on 2 ends and it’s very helpful


@noobius and @GreenThunder I could potentially open the other sides, the tent is placed in the corner of the shed.


I’ve got access to 3 sides. I could make the room to be able to get at all 4 if need be but I’d rather not


@Covertgrower I can’t wait to see some updated pics! Mine are surprising me with how much they change every day! Happy Growing!



I’ll tag you again on Friday. That’s usually my update day. It might be a little late though. Not sure which timezone you’re in. AKST here. (4 hours behind EST) @jusgettinby


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We are showing signs of new growth under the new light, and since transplant. I just watered, they were looking sad. While I watered I did the favor of super cropping everyone more. Of course monster crop clones photographed separately. Everybody is looking good.


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They look great! I wish I had that much room!!


Me too @jusgettinby

Great setup @Covertgrower gals are doing their thing!!


@jusgettinby and @Screwauger I actually purchased this size tent based on the price. It was $150 for the 4X8, but it was $100 for the 4X4. I’m like why not? Making room for the tent was interesting. I’ll say my Mrs covertgrower was less than enthused about it.
I’m impatient to get these to flower because I have Jack Herer beans, to start! I’ll be making another order soon to add to these.


Looks nice and bright in there too!


And it’s only 1/2 way turned up! It’s probably still too much for veg. Im going to lower the fixture down and see how close I can get before light bleaching occurs. Still I’m amazed, and will never purchase another amazon already put together inefficient fixture unless I’m desperate. All the heat sinks are warm to the touch, but not hot. Thanks again @dbrn32


Warm is good, it means they are taking the heat from the led package. If you said one was cool, I’d be telling you to shut it down lol.


@MiracleGro this is my clone grow from my first grow. More than happy to have you follow along!


I’m currently renting my house. My other half and I have already had the discussion about how much room I get for my tents once we buy. This 4x4 will be my drying tent. I want a 4x6 for veg and a 8×8 for flower. But getting her there took some sacrifice. She has to get a huge walk in closet and a “makeup and dressing room”


fam you can get 8 plants in a 1mx1mx2m but i wanna have that size too looks good in it fam


@Covertgrower bruv wat size unit is dat fam


The tent or the light? 4x8 tent @Shuggz the light is close to a 4x4.