First grow, first post


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I’ve got two clones I took from our sour diesel when she was two weeks into the 12/12 switch. They were very little and I wasn’t sure they’d live. They are still alive but growing strange one and three finger leaves. The temps may be a little low where I have them but I don’t know if that’s causing my problem.

Your tent is going to fill up!! 17 :drooling_face:
They look great to my newbie eyes :sunglasses:


Wow I’m jealous of your space. I thought I was sitting pretty in a 4x4, but that should give you plenty of room. U got enough light? :+1:


@Covertgrower looking good! How big is that tent!?!?! Im jealous!!


i can really relate to your woes @Covertgrower.
i went from 2x2 to 4x4 to 6x16 lol that last step was BIG one! lol


@Covertgrower man that’s a lot of room :+1:

Some of the girls look sad…is that because the lower temps ?


I wouldn’t have guessed most of those have been vegged for that long. Probably from being in the cups I’m guessing. At least you powered through that, losing one not a big deal. It happens under better circumstances.

I think at this point I would let them get use to the new pots and go from there. I’m gonna guess the rioots will get healthy and you’ll see a pretty good push in growth here in the next week or so. Could be a good opportunity to use some training and open them up a little. If all goes well, that could be a pretty good increase in a couple of weeks. Either way, get them where you want them.


I’m with D: those girls ought to take off in a couple of weeks.

Can you say SCROG haha?!


I cloned some Gold Leaf and they did the same thing. 1 and 3 leaves growth. I thought it was odd but apparently it is normal and as they grow they will have more normal looking growth. Mine look fine now so no worries @GreenThunder


Make sure they’re getting fresh air, and don’t overwater. Let the soil dry out between waterings, give it at least a few days between waterings so they build roots.


really nice fam yr clones look good i hope mines will turn out like that but im still new to it i got some going but real small atm hope i can get yr input on my ones blessd fam keep it up nice blessd


Thanks @GreenThunder I have two monster crop GSC that look pretty crazy. They’re in the upper left part of the photo. Very short but they’re going to make it. I’m hoping they’ll catch up to the rest!

@noobius @VelcroThumb my tent is a 4x8 which I only utilized maybe half of this for my first grow. This time around, after better lighting and more experience I’m feeling confident this time around.

@Kcdaniels some of them look sad because they needed watering before the transplant, after getting thoroughly watered in, checking on them this morning they looked a lot better.

@dbrn32 yes I believe they’re a bit stunted from being root bound in the cups. I expect an explosion of growth in the next week or two. I do need to do some training on the sativa dominant to keep the height down. I did top one of them. After thinking about it, they may only be about a month and a half. I’m not really sure when to start counting clones life. Lol
@Myfriendis410 that would be a very large scrog my friend. But I may try half of one in the future. Never know!


I like individual SCROGs so I can move em around. It’s also nice to rotate your plants for better canopy penetration. I have a 4 X 6 box and can barely handle 3 plants.


I like to move mine around in the tent. Mostly rotating, so they get even light. Could be just me, but I think it helps. @Myfriendis410 I definitely think scrog is something I should try though. Even if it’s just one plant. How long do you veg yours for?
And @bob31 how long do you veg yours for on average?


I like about 2 months. They’re sexually mature and want to flower, and it seems like they hit a stopping point around there where they are filling in and bushing out. I did that on my last grow and got 1.25 pounds from 2 plants 28" high.

Correction. One was scrogged and the other supercropped.


Not being able to move them is the only thing stopping me from doing a scrog this grow, but I think I’m Gunna end up doing it anyways. Gunna have to pull the trigger soon if that’s the way I go.


@noobius be sure to tag me when you do. I’m a little concerned with making sure I can get to everyone in the tent after they are in full flower, but I should be able to if I move more junk out of the way. Lol.


Yea that’s the reason I picked the tent I did. All 4 sides open up