First grow, first post


I purchased those heatsinks in bulk from rapid before they offered the kit or frame, but they are the same sinks. Marine grade wire should work great, just make sure you’re getting rated for high enough voltage. A lot of them will use 60v rated conductor and that’s not good for our application.

I purchased hlg-185-1050 for my cree’s. Should run them at about 40 Watts with dimmer circuit open, and will be plenty for my application. I was targeting a little more efficient setup, and they should run about 60% efficient there. But I’ll also be running in a much smaller area than you, so the need for a little more power wouldn’t exist as much as in your tent. It’s easier to justify more power because you can raise the fixture and create a larger footprint. The only real downside to the bigger driver is the efficiency losses you start to see above the 1400ma range. The bridgelux vero’s Start to become more efficient, and you could’ve saved $12 a cob going with them. But it won’t really make a difference if you don’t intend on running at 100% all the time. Running them at about 80% on dimmer will give you same efficiency of 1400ma driver.


I should be able find some wire that will work. I considered the Vero’s, but like you said I won’t be running them at 100% all the time, I preferred the specs on the Cree. I probably could run them at 50% and it would be enough they’re so bright. Dunno your grow area size, but they do offer the brackets and rails now too. @dbrn32


I’m with you on that, just kind of pointing out where the specs change in favor of one to the other.

As far as the rapid frame goes, I think it’s pretty cool. But all of the rapid heatsinks I had are gone now. I bought 30 (I think) from plc dirt cheap, still have 10 of them so that’s what I’m working with. They would need some machine work to be compatible with the rapid rail system. So for now, I’ll probably just be working with aluminum stock. Plus I need to incorporate a quantum board sink into my next light for personal use. I think they suit people who maybe don’t have the tools or the knowledge to be confident constructing a frame, or be building a large fixture like yourself.


@Covertgrower This is how I wired my potentiometer . It is just how @dbrn32 explained it. If I had to do it over, I would have the knob come out the side instead of the bottom. This makes it easier to access.

I used a drop of super glue to attach my WAGO’s for a more professional look.

Hope this helps and your lights are looking awesome :smiley:


A picture is worth a thousand words, thanks for adding that! The super glue on wagos is a good tip too.



This was my average top bud size with the Quantum Boards. Hopefully you will see similar results.


Like 3 buds to a half oz lol. Perfect example of what you get with high quality lighting. I’m not sure how anyone could afford to go without it.


I’m glad to see more people here are realizing that


You guys were the ones that got me started on this path to massive harvests. @dbrn32 I had some awesome luck at the hardware store. I checked everywhere and was about to give up hope, but found thermostat wire to work great. Even two for the price of one! 18/2 solid core 39 cents a foot here. Keep that in mind when doing your next project.
@MAXHeadRoom Thanks for the tip on the super glue, I’ll be adding that as well. I will keep you guys updated on the clone progress, with this new lighting.
Thanks both of you for your help, and inspiration. Now I just have to clean out my shed to get this light up!


I tried to skip class for 2 weeks as of I won’t see the lab, however upon returning I peeped and purchased L.A. Confidential!! Damn!!! Then upon further window shopping I set up a six strain list. This will be for final shop, however my favorite place is gaining ground on coveted strains. I wish for :cherries: pie! I wish for :cherries: pie!!! I wish for :cherries: pie!!all I want for Christmas 2018!! Lol​:grinning::joy::joy::joy::joy:


@dbrn32 @rodri59 @MAXHeadRoom
A little wire clean up, and maybe a few plastic boxes for some connections, and zip ties, this thing will be growing soon! Just think if that cheap China fixture never had those COB’s burn out, I never would have gotten frustrated and started shopping… thanks all.

OK, my 1st grow - Blueberry Autos

Looking great bro!

They’re gonna pay for themselves in a harvest or two. That’s if you don’t come down with the new tech illness lol


@dbrn32 I worry it it may have already happened. However I’m hoping I’ll be able hold off… I’m sure when Mrs.covertgrower sees the results, she will be asking me to get more. She did already approve of this one on the basis there would be positive results.


I’ll be honest, as of right this minute you’re not going to do a lot better than where you’re at.

You can get more efficient, you can get more intensity, and you can get a better light spectrum. But you can’t get all of them in a single package. The next bump or two in technology isn’t likely to be a major improvement over what you have. You’re best bet would be to run a couple of harvests and slowly stash some cash for what may be out in a year or so. That will also give you experience with what you have, and you’ll know better what to look for on your next purchase.

In my opinion, you have the best balance of intensity and spectrum in a single package. We’ll see what the 90 cri qb’s have to offer, but it’s not likely to be a night and day difference. Cutter apparently went back to drawing board on their mid power package with lm301b over 561c. Unless they have an unreleased bin, that’s literally a 1 lumen increase at same power. So literally 300 lumens over entire board, or not even half of a cfl.

You’re good dude, sit back and enjoy the ride lol


You’re right, nothing in a single package will miraculously grow, the only thing I could improve on is the care and nutrients for the plants. That comes with experience… and proper lighting coverage… @dbrn32


Wow looking great. I am also growing Marijuana in my indoor garden. I had bought grow lights from Amazon after reading review.
I am expecting best results. Let’s see whats happening.

Thanks for the motivation.


I just had some Cherry Pie and I got a bag seed! I hope it’s viable. My favorite strain so far.


There’s a fresh set of clones that this light will be tried on! @budsoflife just working on clearing out the shed, and insulating to make room for the tent.


Hey @bob31 I did some decarbing, and I didn’t find the seed until after. Thoughts on whether it will germinate after this? I’m sad because I was certain I looked, but not good enough. I’ll try and germinate it as a Hail Mary, but I don’t think it’s going to make it. Just wanted your opinion. I’m not certain the temps they can survive at.


Okay my grow family I haven’t updated in awhile, but here’s my clones. If all of you have forgotten what I cloned, here’s the list:
Txaki 20:1 CBD/THC
white widow
THC Bomb
Girl Scout Cookies
OG Kush
So they have been OVERDUE to be transplanted, kids, work schedules, shed insulation, and stability of shed temperatures really put me behind. So right now the minimum temperatures are 53°F maximum is about 70°F so I hope they will be ok, if not please say so. There’s a lesson to be learned here, it’s challenging to not over water when they were on a solo cup with no holes. Be sure to put holes in your cups!! So being honest I lost an OG Kush. My fault. So 17 total now. They look a little sad, they needed water before the transplant but figured watering in their forever homes would be better. There’s also a few that have some light bleaching, and they’ll get better as they grow. I’ve installed the new light, and so far it’s working great, can’t wait to order another. Very little heat. I’ve placed the new fixture in the center, with the existing China lights on the ends. No lack of coverage for this tent now!
The question I have is how long should I Veg clones? These are about 2 months, but they have more room to grow into. So one more month maybe? Any comments are appreciated. This should be a smoother ride than the first all!

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