First grow, first post


All I can say right now are Jack Herer Beans and freaking LIGHTS! All in the same day.

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Nice :rofl: Christmas in November.

What lights did you buy?


3000K 90cri Cree 3590 @MAXHeadRoom


Merry Christmas to you


Technically, it’s a gift for the immediate family, and friends, because what this will help produce, I’ll end up sharing. :wink: @Sirsmokes


some very nice lights!!
congratulations @Covertgrower, what are you going to use to hold those big ol’buds up on the herrer? lol awesome!
i’m very envious!


@BIGE since you asked, I’ll let you be the one to stand in my tent and hold them for me. Lol. Jk jk. I really do hope they need holding up though. This grow starting out with this much light, has to be a better than last. If this things grows solo cup/popcan sized colas, I will crap my pants, and buy more lights.


I’m all kinds of jelly! I want a new light and have heard good things about that strain


Very nice @Covertgrower I for one cannot wait to see what transpires and how they perform for you!! Congrats Brother.


Thanks @GreenThunder I’m interested to see how they perform. Myfriendis410 has some beautiful JH started in his journal. I hope mine turn out half as good.

@Screwauger I’m hoping for bigger buds this go around with this much lighting. If they perform half as good as I’ve seen others grow with it, I’ll end up purchasing more. I’m also looking forward to the efficiency aspect of this. I’ll admit I thought the COB’s would be larger, but they’re a little bigger than a quarter…
All out of likes again. :wink:


you better go get some depends underpants,i smell a stinky in your near future!


Should be interesting I ordered 15 30w cobs so I can expand my experience some but loving my LEC’s so they will have to perform pretty good to not end up as side lighting


Mine’s getting stinky now. Still holding it’s own against the GL. I’m just hoping that I can get a full 65 day flower this time.


Still a work in progress as nothing is wired just yet. Assembling the rails with LED’s installed seemed the easiest way to go. 12 led’s were mounted to their heat sinks. Heat sinks were got an alcohol wipe and thermal adhesive pad installed between. I’ll admit opening this box was like opening a can of worms. After you sit down and get into it, it all falls into place. The instructions online aren’t terrible and was able to keep on going after a glance. This is what I have so far.
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Ok, I started and couldn’t stop, so I finished the bracket assembly. Each line of COB’s weighs almost 12 lbs. I couldn’t resist. So maybe I’ll start on the wiring tomorrow. @GreenThunder I know you’re still awake. Haha.
As far as the bracket assembly was just as straightforward as the individual line assembly. It was based on the same principle. However my personal review is, it’s not worth the $190 “upgrade”. Spend it on some extra yo-yo hanger thingys and just hang each line of COB’s individually. Also, each string is movable, and slides within the bracket area. I can also shove all the COB’s to one end and have a focused area if I leave enough slack when I wire them. I dont know if it’s necessary, but it could be done.


The night’s still young!! :wink:


Or that your 4 hours behind everyone else on here… :thinking::wink: besides those across the pond… @GreenThunder


Yeah probably that :smile:

Was your new setup a complete kit or did you have to order components? I think i could follow directions pretty well but wouldn’t have a clue on where to start as far as ordering separate parts. I’m surprised there’s so much assembly for how much you spent. Makes me realize how ineffective the cheapies must be.


All of the components came in the kit. The same site does offer “fully assembled and wired units” but I chose the assemble and wire it yourself version for several reasons. The assemble it yourself kit was more affordable and I felt pretty confident I could do it. (This being said I haven’t wired it yet but seems pretty straightforward as well)
The second reason was to save on shipping all the way here. This came in two boxes. One was just under 4ft long. If you can glance at reasonable pictures, know positive from negative like jump starting a car, you could do this too. I literally used a Phillips screw driver and a pair of needle nose pliers for the nylon locking nuts, and assembled everything. For wiring I’ll need some wire strippers. The kit came with fancy WAGO connectors, you lift up on the lever, and it clamps down on the wire. Very easy. @GreenThunder


awesome @Covertgrower i’m excited with you! lol