First grow, first post


HLG-240H-C1750B @dbrn32


I gotcha. So you have the option of running at like 63 watts per cob as opposed to the 50ish with hlg-200. Not s bad idea at all! You can always dim to the 50 watts or even less if you want to run them more efficiently.

So the kit is 12 cobs (awesome you got the 90cri) 3 hlg-240’s, frame, and everything you need to mount and wire them up correct? Does it come with dimming knobs too? What I was thinking is that with dimming leads open you will also get a 5-8% increase in current, which will bump you closer to the 65-70 watt range.

Super excited for you bro! You’re going to love them!


Yes, comes with dimming knobs on each string of COB’s. Yes it will be pushing closer to the 63 watts per COB. I also got the frame, and the kit comes with wire and WAGO connectors I believe. I think I just need a screwdriver and wire strippers! Yes, turning it down will boost efficiency, that was the selling point because you only need so much for veg. I’ll probably run them somewhere in the middle. @dbrn32


Looks like you’re going at it with “all four feet”! I’ll be following along on this one!


@Buck3 there’s no turning back now. I’m just looking forward to fatter colas, and more potency, all while being efficient. Who says growing has to have a high electricity bill?


Also, for the name of science @GreenThunder @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Donaldj @skgrower this guy still continues to hang on, despite freezing temperatures. Wilty, a little stunted, but not dead yet!


would probably look even better if it was not in that solo cup…lol


The strife for life is strong! :grin:


You are so right on the power bill!


I agree with @BIGE on cup thing
And they can handle some frost and low temps
Just not for extended periods


LOL, @BIGE and @Countryboyjvd1971 should I get a fabric pot and a heater for it too? Haha.


she would appreciate it @Covertgrower! lol


@BIGE but SHE is a HE! Hence the abuse factor… and the general lack of caring… :wink: that should clear things up…


Clusters are worse, trust me. That’s why they call them the morning suicide headache. @Niala knows what I’m talking about.


@BIGE @Countryboyjvd1971

He’s ( @Covertgrower ) is trying to kill the male plant! Happy Friday Boys & Girls! lol


Yes, a month ago, I had a migraine so bad, it would have been great to end it all, even though I know it wasn’t a great option. I’ll admit since consuming cannabis semi frequently my headaches are non existent. I’m scared to even say that, for fear of having one. But it’s true. @Myfriendis410


Gods! Don’t say that!

Between the cannabis and (yes, I’m crazy!) Having Odhinn’s Mark tattooed on me I haven’t had another one. The next one will kill me. @Covertgrower


@Covertgrower good luck killing him


i see,said the blind man to the deaf person…lol


… as he picked up the hammer and saw

(this is how my dad always says it) :wink: