First grow, first post


About 3 weeks, but it’s really only gotten cold the past 3-4 days. @Matthew1280


Still that’s crazy its still vegging and hanging on below 60 ,what strain was that?


That is truly amazing lol he must really need to get his genetics out there! Nothing will stop the pollen! Lol


That one in particular is THC Bomb. Ordered from not this site. Supreme something, was the website. @AmnesiaHaze @Matthew1280


Lol I guess I am not the only one does the cold grows


Small update, so I spent some money today, and was only $100 extra in shipping to AK. I seriously purchased the rapid LED kit. I even spent the extra $57.90 on the upgraded drivers to really bleach my leaves if I want. (I believe that cranks it all up to 752 Watts) Hahahahaha. This was for you @dbrn32 (sort of) I ordered the CREE 3590’s in 3500K with 80CRI. As I did ask for the 90 CRI, but they didn’t have any in stock, or dont carry them. I’ll be probably supplementing more far red later. The effeciency is where it’s at on these things! So I got a 10% discount, for liking them on FB, and I’ll be sure to follow them on IG as well. The OUT THE DOOR PRICE WAS $1,140.40. about $100 less than I thought even with the upgraded drivers. Shipping would have been free for any of the other members here… I didn’t opt for the reflectors, and even Kieth said I shouldn’t need those growing in a reflective tent. (He bought the kit before he started working there even) I’ll do my best to take a few step by step pictures for some of the less experienced growers, who are in fear of maybe making the jump. You can even purchase smaller kits, I bought the 4X4 size. I’m super excited knowing, I spent a little upfront, but I’ll make it up with a better electricity bill. Those China LED lights have their place, but it’s not efficiency. I knew I would spend money on lighting, but never though I would enjoy this hobby so much. This next grow will be EPIC. I hope I have this energy when it comes time for assembly! (I’m a procrastinator I really despise admitting that) If anyone has questions I’ll do my best!

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Fr*ggin’ A Man, someone’s getting serious now! @Covertgrower
Congrats, hope they get it you in one piece and the plane can find your red X j/k


Should be able to @Screwauger they were even able to ship to a PO BOX! Only @bob31 and @GreenThunder truly understood that issue. lol. Unless you have a PO box too?


Epic is an understatement @Covertgrower I can’t wait to see this!


Not currently but have in the past and I did follow along with your plight regarding PO Box deliveries!! Exciting times!! @Covertgrower


Welcome to the wonderful world of awesome lights where the buds are bigger and the stretch is smaller.


@MAXHeadRoom that’s exactly what I’m going for! My first grow was phenomenal for a first grow with no experience. I’m just taking it to the next better level.


Very nice!

I sense there being some confusion in the color temp/cri. If you were going 90 cri with Cree, you probably would’ve wanted the 3000k. I know they carry them, as that’s where I ordered mine from. If I was going with a 2nd option, I would’ve gotten the same ones you did.

Considering the cost of adding reds later, wonder if it’s too late to give mike a call and see if changing is an option. Up to you, I think you’ll be happy either way. I’m curious about upgraded driver though, what’s the upgrade?


That’s f awsome I difinatry want to see this post pics if possible as soon as you get it together I’m intriguied that’s one thing I don’t understand


I asked about the 3000K 90 CRI and Keith said they didn’t have any in stock. I will call and double check though. Yeah, I debated a bit in my head and went with that color as a second choice. @dbrn32 as far as the upgraded driver, it allowes to run at the 110% I believe you were talking about. It drives the LED’s at the maximum brightness if you want, giving up some efficiency.


Thanks for the tag! New lighting is very exciting :sunglasses: That’s a lot to spend but I’m sure it’ll pay off. I greatly appreciate you sharing the specs and details… LED is so confusing to me. I do want to switch (or add another flowering station) in the future.


Many villages in SE AK only have PO Box delivery service! SOL a lot of times :frowning:


I see, ya maybe they were out of stock or just didn’t have enough. Even if you went half and half with the 3500k I would say that you wouldn’t have to worry about adding reds later.

So you got a b series driver then I take it, with external dimming leads? I think it’s more like a 5-8% increase. Unless you went from hlg-200 to hlg-240?

Now I have to go to rapid and look at the kit lol


@dbrn32 So glad you mentioned that. The order is in fact changed, to 3000K 90 CRI now. Glad you double checked that. Order will ship tomorrow. Whew! Close call. Lol mike was very happy to change that. And yes I went the the HLG B something driver. ( I think?) And external dimming LED.