First grow first harvest

Ok, so my tricks are milky some going amber, looks like it’s time from what I’ve read…now…I’ve seen some posts about flushing and 48 hrs of darkness nefore harvest, also how long on hanging the branches for drying…I do not wanna mess this us as this ak47 plant looks marvelous. As many proper steps that can be laid out, please assist…


good job nice plant, I like to shoot for a 8 to 10 day slow drying. In a dark place 68 to 70 degrees would be perfect. I use my tent and run my exhaust fan on low to control odor and pull a little fresh air in. Then into Quart jars for curing process burp the lids couple times a day first week then after that once a day .hope that helps.

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A good flush and water only using R/O or distilled makes for a really smooth finished product. I monitor the TDS runoff while doing this and my metric is: less than 100 ppm in hydro and less than 200 ppm in media like coco. If you are in soil you probably can’t get that low. This helps a bunch at removing harsh salts from the plant material.

36 hours of darkness to allow plenty of time for salts to migrate into the root mass and be sure to harvest from darkness.

If you have a dehumidifier, run it flat out: this will promote THC production.

Not a big believer in stem splitting.

I would also strongly suggest doing a bud wash a la Jorge Cervantes:


Awesome, thank you so much.

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Awesome thank you so much.

With the 6-8 days, do you rinse your buds first as I’ve seen or just hang right away after cutting the stalk. I have a dry home so and have a new batch starting and almost ready to go from seedling to veg on an 18/6 cycle site can’t use the tent.if hung these would be useable/jar‐able in 3 - 4 days. Also do you do the 36 hrs of darkness.

2 Questions, 1st do I continue 12/12 flowering light cycle during the freshwater flush

2nd do i run a dehumnidider during the 36 hour darkness period.

Also I am assuming no watering during the 36 hrs, wanna get the steps right in propert order.

Yes I do the darkness @sandrums if you have a dark closet will work just fine a lot of people do the wash but personally I do not .