First grow, first female pre-flowers feeling

So yesterday my new HLG 225 came in. Thing is sick. But in smaller tents, it runs hot as hell. Even with two oscillating fans going and proper ventilation, I got up this morning to water them and it was 90 degrees in the tent. Luckily this thing has a dimmer switch and now it runs way less hot. I’ll probably mess with it some to get my desired brightness + temp.

Also, one of my two girls started showing her first pre-flowers. I’m so proud of her :pleading_face:

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You can put the Driver on the outside of the tent. Use 14 or 16 gauge solid core wire. This will also help with the heat.

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I saw someone say that on Amazon but how would I even do that? It’s soldered to the QB? Or is it removable?

I only really messed with the dimmer switch this AM.

Mine isn’t attached to the aluminum heat sink. There is two bolts and nuts that attach mine.

When I have one driver in the tent I had a small fan I picked up at Walmart and had it directly blow over the driver. :+1: