First grow .. fingers crossed

It’s what I thought, thanks!
And she’s not struggling too much now, so no real reason to try yet… :wink:

Out of likes, but we all reach that point eventually. Some sooner than others, but thats ok.

Ya I wouldn’t unless she started showing crazy deficiencies.

Hey buddy remember me? cousin pete lol sick hobby tho

Cousin Pete ? Lol

Have my girlfriend taking care of my plants for me while I’m out in Kansas City for work. I know I’m not an expert but she can kill any plant :joy: so I think I coached her good enough !

Just goes to show how simple Jack’s and coco is !


i figured you had a cousin named pete lol. i was replying to your comment of giving weed out to friends so i thought i would pose as a family member

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Lmao :sweat_smile: I was so confused. Was like this guy is lost :joy:.
Id share if could ! Let’s hope this grow goes smooth enough for me to have a successful first grow.


Looks like it’s going just swimmingly! My wife can kill a plastic plant so atleast you have that… lol look good though very nice!

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Haha thanks , and so can mine ! She has killed SO many plants. She’s so jealous that I have never grown anything and these appear to be nice and healthy while every plant she brings home dies .

I’m crediting this sight so having me get good equipment, and Jack’s for being so darn easy !

Although she doesn’t know I ordered more lights yet :joy: they arrive in a couple days . Will be setting up after I get into town on Halloween and then flipping to flower right after !

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