First grow .. fingers crossed

Strain: unknown bag , was told white widow.

Indoor or Outdoor? Indoor

in ground or in a container? Solo cups right now

Size of space (max height and area, length/width)? : 8x4x7 rent

Medium: Canna coco

pH? Used 5.9 distilled . Have well water but was unsure if would be too high ppm having water softener.

Nutrients: Jack’s 321

Temperature? 73-77f high and low
Humidity %? 56-67

Light system/watts/lumens/FLUX/PAR?
Right now using 2 qb288 r spec until bigger will turn on the other 2. Using phone app on Galaxy note 10+. Said lux was 10k-11k depending where held phone. (Not most accurate I know, but at least helps guestimate where I am )

Ventilation system? None yet. Going to add some normal house fans until bigger, probably get ac infinity ? Open to suggestions

Tap root shown a couple days ago. Roughly 2 or 3 days in solo cups.

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I also have a random cutting from my buddies outdoor supposed white widow after it started to flower. Surprisingly I got it to root while I was waiting on seeds from him .

One thing I didn’t get in pic was the longest seedling was a little longer and leggy so I added more medium and lowered light.
Light was reading 7k lux on my phone app and now it is about 28 inches high and reading 10-11k lux.

Will post updates in a few days. Nothing too exciting happens in beginning so becoming anxious with my first grow.

Open to any and all suggestions!

I know you guys follow enough grows but you seem to be super knowledgeable and helpful. If wouldn’t mind popping in from time to time :wink:
@dbrn32 @Covertgrower @imSICKkid @CoyoteCody @PurpNGold74


You’ll want to lower the light to about 20” above the seedlings. This will slow the stretch.


i think 10 -11 k lux is to high, at this stage more like 5 - 7, nice set up you have, you need some small fans to blow on the plants when they get a little taller, am going to tag @dbrn32 and @Covertgrower on the light condition


i just grow in dirt so not sure about your media but i don’t see any holes in the bottoms of your solo cups for drainage ( i may just not see them)

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I lowered light to 20, but with driver turned all the way down I still read 10k lux. So in order to get 7500 I had to raise to 28inch with it turned down all the way.

I will be adding some small fans soon and then later will get an ac infinity unless someone has suggestions otherwise ?

As for solo cups I took scissors and cut off the edge of bottom making about inch long slots with gaps around them, gets about 5 cuts I think.

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Nope, I recommend ac infinity.

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Thank you! , I was one of those people who bombarded @dbrn32 with questions I’m sure he has answer more times than can count. Lol

After I get first grow under my belt, will probably add at least 4 more qb288s .


great people here that seem to always come to help people, i got lucky that this was the first web site i hit when i first looked into growing


any that stretch a little when yu transplant just add a little more soil

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Same here. I found this site first and didnt even bother looking at others. I cannot wait be have enough knowledge to give back even a fraction of what I have received.

Yeah I added more coco around the one that stretched big time. It was almost as long as my middle finger. Then lowered light. Let’s hope it doesn’t stretch too much like that again. Hoping can catch these things early enough on .


Just keep an eye on them and adjust light as needed. Being in cups you will have opportunity to fix at transplant, if need be.


You think the cloudline T6 will be ample . And would their carbon filter be a good one or a different brand instead. My girl is already bothered that smell is going to make her nursing clothes stink while she’s at hospital.

I have no experience with their carbon filters, but I’ve seen a few members with them now, and I didn’t see any complaints. 6” is probably big enough for that space, if you can squeeze it into the budget, I would go for the 8” AC Infinity. 6” would work especially if this will be an LED grow.

AC Infinity Is good quality, and I know their customer service is excellent. I’m sure the filter is a good quality as well.

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Awesome thank you. I just wasn’t sure if 8 would be an over kill for right now. I do plan on expanding and adding more Qb 288 after first grow tho. So 8 it is then!

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I know it’s not as exciting for you guys lol but they all except one are about 3 inches out of the coco . I keep using my time machine to speed things up but it only sends me about 6 hours into the future each time (my bed. Corny attempt at humor).

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Moving along nicely. Only one seems to be a weird one where it’s first set of main leaves are folded and not extending.
Everything else looking very promising.

Clone I took from buddies flowering plant was starting to show roots out cup. Figured was time to transplant. Not growing too much side branches but tons of new grow started.