First Grow ... Fingers Crossed!

Hi. I got all ready to start my first grow, then had to postpone everything when my first 2 seeds didn’t pop AND then I went on several trips so I had to wait MONTHS to try again.

So here I am again. I have a WW and a Hindu Kush. But … I already mixed up the seeds and don’t know which is which. Awesome start. Anyway, one is already planted and the other is still in the paper towel as it’s sprouted a little taproot but not sprouting nearly as fast as the other one.

I have a TINY 2x2x4 tent. I have these lights hung as high as possible

I have the seedling in the forever pot (fabric pot) and that is filled with Happy Farms Ocean soil with a little peat and some coco coir mixed in.

The humidity was low so I put a bowl of water in the tent. But the tent got up to 94 degrees today so I had to open the tent door and got the them down to 82. Humidity is at 45% last I checked.

Already say a gnat buzzing around so I guess I’m going to have to deal with that and possibly figure out how to lower the temp in the tent. Not sure adding a fan will do the trick.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. I’m reading through the grow bible AGAIN.

I’ll post picks so far in the next post.

This one is still in the paper towel. Will hopefully plant tomorrow.

This is the one I planted today.

Planted in 3 gal fabric pot

My set up. I took that fan off though. It wasn’t helping.

How long did you germinate for? The first pic was more than enough to plant it. I am curious as to how long you have to neglect a seed to start sprouting in a paper towel lol.

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Had the seeds in water a couple of days. Then I put in the paper for another 2 days. I was going to plant it but was hoping the other would grow a little more. But that one sprouted so I planted it. It grew really fast. I was checking it a few times a day. I woke up today and it sprouted overnight. Don’t make me feel like a bad parent already. lol

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Plants are individualistic, you need to care for each seed as you care for each seedling and plant. Each seed is unique and no two seeds act the same

keep in mind: seedlings need high humidity (70-80%) and lower temps (75°F)

How do I bring up the humidity? It’s at 45% in the tent bit the seedling is under a plastic dome with a few holes in it.

The other seed looks the same. Just checked on it. I have it in a Tupperware container in a drawer. But I’m not seeing much progress with it.

U can use humidifier or wet t-shirt. Pots with water in your tent…or spray your dome with water

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The dome has moisture in it. And I have a bowl of water in there. Should I just leave it alone?

No changes this morning. Do they grow very slow at first? Soil was almost dry so I squirted a little water just around the seedling. I didnt wet the soil all the way down when I planted it. I just wet around the seedling. Is that right or should I have wet all of the soil?

The other seed looks the same. Dont know why it’s taking so long for the taproot to come out more. Should I just plant it??

light? cfl?

This is my light which was recommended by someone on here

Yup i probably would have dropped them both into soil. And the dome with humidity showing should suffice as ‘comfy’ for the girls. That 92 however is not optimum. How is the room the tent is located in and do u have intake/exhaust running into-from the tent? If so the best way ive seen to drop temps is to control the room its getting its air from.

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It’s in my master bathroom. I can’t control the temp in there. I have an exhaust pipe but it just blows back into that room. I can’t vent out a window. I have a stealth setup. So far opening the zipper of the tent drops the temp to about 82
But the humidity says 44. Should I put the thermometer in the dome??

Hmm yea u can check the temp in dome but the humidity in there shiuld be fine if it holds moisture. Ull need to find a way to more consistently keep humidity around 70 for veg after dome comes off.

N the more important variable with temps is intake. If you are passively (just opening the bottom vent n lettin air pressure) adding air it may not help. But if you are able to run a hose with a fan from an air conditioned room it would help ALOT. Let me get more experienced people to word that better.

@anon95385719 @dbrn32 @MattyBear @Bogleg

Am i thinking about right?

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I agree. Moving thermometer isn’t going to change end result.

Fyi, you should be able to figure out which is kush, a little later in veg. One of the traits of kush is that they develop their characteristic kush smell early in veg phase. The other plant will take longer.


Yeah I know, I just thought I’d get a more accurate reading.

The room the tent is in is air conditioned. But that damned light heats everything up. It’s an open room where there’s a tub and a shower. It opens up to what looks like a hall which is where the sinks are, and that is open to my bedroom. BUT, I notice that when I walk into the the tub/shower area … it’s warmer in there when I have the grow lights on. Only thing I can think of (which my husband is NOT going to be cool with) is sticking a little AC in the bathroom window to cool off that room more and then pull that cool air into the tent. OR, I can open the window when the weather cools off a bit. But for now, only thing working is opening the zipper to keep the temp down. WTH do people do when they grow in closets??

Haha they make sure it has great air ventilation to start. Lol. No offense. Just needed.

@Barl3y is correct. Kush gets funky in early veg. Whenever i touch them the smell floats.

It’s just a matter of the temperature of the air you’re bringing into the grow and how much air you’re moving out of the grow.

Can you take a pic that kinda shows your whole tent so I can get a better look at your fan placement and duct please?