First grow fem white widow close to harvest?

hey guys this is my first time growing and i could use some input…my girls are looking closer to harvest everyday and now im seeing about 75-80% amber pistils. i know i should be using the trichs to determine if these girls are ready im just not sure due to my inexperience as this is my first grow…check out the pics and let me know what you guys think about the trichs and if they look milky or still clear to you guys… nothing but PH’d distilled water the last feed and as of yesterday they have started to yellow and i wasn’t sure if that’s from them getting close to harvest or if you guys think there may be an issue at hand… as always i look forward to fellow growers advice and input…

They look slightly milky to me and you could harvest now but they say it will give more of the uplifting head high,where as amber trichs will give you more of a couch lock body high.some people will harvest a little of it milky and let some get amber to see what their preference is for future grows,but great job they look awesome

If your Amber color is that high as you say. I would harvest right now. I just did my harvest at 50% I hope…lol .I agree with Cash they do look awesome


Nice job. Looks like you having amazing trichome production. :slight_smile:

I’d definitely be picking at that. Looks spot on, mate.