First grow fem strawberry kush

First time grower using a viraspectra 300w reflector and 2 36w led grow bulbs i have a room not a tent going to use ladybug organic and 5 gallon smart pots any tips?

Yes i would add plants to my list :grinning:[quote=“Usmcjojo, post:1, topic:6626”]
viraspectra 300w reflector

is this an led panel lite ??? and is [quote=“Usmcjojo, post:1, topic:6626”]
ladybug organic … is this a nutrient??? Hammer…

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No its an organic soil made in austin…

Sorry didnt see the other part yes its an led panel

Lol growing fem strawberry kush

My only tip would be to setup your entire grow room exactly as you would if you were growing in it. Except don’t put any plants in the room. Do a test run for a few days of the room and the setup. Check temps and humidity levels, see if maybe you need to move anything or want to change up something after seeing how it runs for a few days. I know this would have helped me tremendously if I had done it to begin with because I didn’t realize until things started to happen that I needed to correct them, where as I could have been proactive about it and taken precautions beforehand. Hope it helps!


thanks i appreciate it i will upload pics of my room tomorrow when the lights get here. Im tired of taking all the ptsd meds that the va gives. Also want to make a little profit. any recomendations on what price strawberry kush should go for?

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First up @Usmcjojo , I welcome you to I LGzM . Check out our other categories there is a wealth of info out there.

Now here is a chart

Efficiency at the high end ranges from 75 to 98 lumens per Watt consumed. Bulbs in the 2700k to 3000k (Kelvin) range provide higher yellow / red spectrum which promotes flowering. CFL grow lights in the 5,000k to 6500k range spectrum offer lots of blue light which promotes plant growth.

Hope this helps



That is smart and well thought out answer.
Couldn’t have said it any better myself


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Thank you so much guys setting up the room today just waiting for the light. Seeds arent here yet so gives me time to let the soil mix and get my room dialed in. Im using this soil…lady bug raised bed…
soil is a blend of several compost, peat moss, coir fiber and vermiculite. This blend is compost based and light weight. You may use our Raised Bed Blend in containers, hanging baskets, and hayracks. Then blend in your favorite organic or natural fertilizer. Plant your vegetables, herbs, annuals and perennials in this blend. I also added worm castings and more vermiculite since im using smart pots.

this is one pic of the room i will load more when its done.

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One thing about the soil…vermiculite is mentioned a few times…perlite is a better choice of an additive.

Vermiculite aids in water retention.
Perlite allows for better drainage.
Cannabis prefers the drainage, it likes a sandy soil.

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I just figured the vermiculite because they are in smart pots and thin ones so they dry quickly.

aye, but if they don’t dry, you can’t feed them as often!

a simple schedule of water, water, feed could take weeks to go thru one cycle…

Ok will add the perlite… Ok so this is my set up.

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Looks great to me! How many plants do you plan on growing under that LED?
Do you know the temp and humidity in there with everything on?

You should do a dry n. Turn your lights and see how your heat. And humidity then you eill be able yo have a ahead


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Im at 77 with 60 percent is that okay?

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Sorry im doing 3 strawberry kush fem seeds

Those are good temps and humidity to grow in, your plant will like 60% humidity during veg, but in flower you’ll need to get that down lower. Three plants should grow nicely in there!

Im gonna order a cheap dehumidifier in september also if i dont have a humidty dome for germination can i use saran wrap