First Grow Fem GDP plus some friends

So I’ve got 5 Feminized Gran Daddy Purp seeds going Strong about ready to be transplanted out of Their Solo cups…I also have 4 other sex unknown plants that were started a couple weeks earlier SFV OG and Gushers.

On the older plants which overall look good, the leaves are shiny and looks like a little tip burn? Any idea what’s up there?

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Welcome to the forum, great people around to help you.

Great start!

It’s really hard to see plants under rave lights, flash or natural light would help us, especially if we can see something you may have missed.

What soil are you using?

Happy growing!

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Excessive nitrogen, and nutrient burn. Natural lighting will help show that better.

Thank you for your response!

They were transplanted into Fox Farm Ocean like 5 days ago and have only ever received nutrients once which was like 2 weeks ago. The soil PH seems a little high as well which I will try to bring down at next watering



Ok so my next pondering is…I’m considering moving to to bigger pots, 5 or 7 gallon.

I have an 8x4 flowering tent… currently 2x lampsoul LS-CT-1200 LEDs.

I have 5 grand daddy purp Feminized and I also have 4 test plants 3 of which that are a couple weeks ahead…those are unknown indicas.

I was reading might need 2 additional of those lights if going to scrog the whole tent.

Advice on pot size and additional lighting please !

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Ordered a 3rd 1200w LED and 5 gallon smart pots, Gran Daddy Purps are still seedlings but i would guess ill move to the big tent to start Veg in less than a week.

I’ve been really happy with the ilgm gdp. Great strain.

I typically use 7gal smart pots for photos, but 5 will work. Just a bit more upkeep.

Those lights pull 289w at the wall. You’d need 1600± watts of blurple power to fill a 4’x8’ tent. Basically 5+ of those lights.

Also, the cobs are at 6000k, which is good for veg, but fairly useless for flowering.

There are MUCH better lighting options.

Well damn looks like I screwed the pooch in lighting then… should I send back and get different ones?

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If you could, you should.

As I said, that tent will need 1600w ± of that type. If you went with a higher efficacy light (qb/strip), you could get by with just 1000w. That’s a pretty good electric bill savings every month.

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Ok so did a lil LED research and it’s confusing AF but instead of adding the 3rd lampsoul I’m going to add a Mars Hydro TSW2000

Same style light.
Not much better. 300w…

Look at horticulture lighting group, not amazon .

Ok Ok, need more power for flowering I guess…I looked at that website and didn’t seem very newb friendly…

How about 2x Philzon Cree COB 3000w
Shows 600w actual per

Second watering after transplant of the seedlings, all the girls are together in the 8x4 as of this morning

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Seedling now have all started 5 fingered fan leaves so was 19 days from seed to Veg.
4 of the 5 all exhibiting purple stems of some sort except the strongest one. Will be feeding on the next watering.

Decided to go with 2x Philzon Cree COB 3000w for the lights in the big tent, they will arrive tommorrow, and use the current Lampsouls in the Veg tents.

They are growing strong, yesterday I fed them per the foxfarm week 2 feeding schedule. Looks like maybe a lil nutrient burn coming on. I’ve also just topped them for the first time.

I fed at probably slightly less then half the amount in the schedule. Thinking of going down to a fourth next time. What do you think?

Will transplant to 7gal pots as soon as the get a day or two recovery time In.

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What do you think is going on with this plant? It looks much worse under the grow lights.

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