First Grow Excitement

First Grow hopefully this Wedding Cake turns out on day 2


Nice, I just grew some wedding cake. The jars smell like blueberry muffin batter when I open them. :yum:


Nice!! How much was the yeild and was it your first grow

Not my first grow, but my first since introducing worms into my super soil. I actually didn’t get a weight, I filled 2 half gallon mason jars before I got tired of trimming, probably north of 300 grams.

The one on the right in this pic.


Hell yea im setup to run living soil bottom 3rd of a 5gal fabric when i transplant im just looking for a couple zips for a first time

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Nice mooking girls and baby. Here to watch

Happy growing

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Congrats on ur first grow ur seedlings look good just remember to do the k.i.s.s method keep it simple stupid dont over water ur girls specially in seedling stage keep a eye on ur ph of ur water and ur soil and most important thing i can tell you is dont over think things and jist breath and relax and enjoy your grow and then when its ready enjoy smoking ur own home grown weed


Thanks fellas hope i can pull it off

Good luck and happy growing!!! Tons of info from awesome growers here, so if you need help, feel free to ask! Little girl looks good!

Good start. Does your soil have nutes if so make sure its not to hot for seedlings. Keep it warm. If you have a dome it will keep it humid. Spray a little water in the dome and put over the baby. Good Luck and Peace Out of here…

You’re off to a good start with a healthy looking seedling. Good luck

Temps have been 72° with around 70-80% rh using roots organic soil mix