First grow ever RDWC

Plants were sleeping when I too the pic my water is 6 inches down on a 5 gallon bucket so the net pot is 5 so I’m about an inch below

And yes I have air stones under

I also have air stone in my res with a waterfall going all my buckets have a waterfall and air

I have the water 1 1/2 below bottom of net pot now took some more pics in white light I hope there looking ok do I need to do anything to them as far as trim there’s to many different ways to and I don’t want to pick one and it be wrong or kill my plants

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They look good. If you want to defoliate I would take a few of the big fan leaves to open her u for more light penetration. Other than that I would let her grow as is.

General rule of thumb is to not remove any leaves in veg unless the health of the plant is at stake. Leaves produce the sugars the plant needs to grow and ultimately flower: if you remove them then what will the plant use to produce big flower?

I tuck and move until about week 3 of flower (five weeks after the flip) at which time fan leaves are removed as they’re going to be released by the plant at some point. Then again at about 6 weeks as needed.

All in all plants look good. From what I can see under the blurple, the roots look good too.

Thanks guys I’ll keep them going the way they are will post new pics in a couple days

How long do I keep them in veg it’s been 3 weeks in veg so far

Here is where I’m at right now tds meter took a crap have to wait for new one to get here right now running on just EC. It looks like they are growing quick some pics10:18pm

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Wow, Jay, they look Fantastic. Just beautiful. Like “Bella Bella” and blow a kiss (I grew up with Italians) I think this reply is to a post from a month ago

@Myfriendis410 I’d like to check out your journal, I’m a new grower like Jay, but I’m in dirt. Excuse me, soil.

Here you go!

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@Jaydawg6528 it’s all good my friend.


A friend of mine that does amazing grows like High Times stuff said I should try Air pots and coco. What are your guys opinion and experiences.

I found a strain I think I want to try also black cherry punch any info from the group