First Grow Ever, RDWC 2WW(fem)

@patchman it’s a black lotus centerfugal fan is that the name you are not naming? All my gear is listed early in the thread as is everything I have added.

It is my intention to use some cashflow from this bud to buy a decent led which would remove the need to cool an hps reflector. Its freakin me out a bit because this whole thing has only been an experiment and I’m enroute to what looks like it may be an incredible harvest. It’s already exceeded all my expectations. Everything I have learned reading threads on this website.

No that wasn’t the name I wasn’t naming. What kind of recording equipment do you have? I just have the basics- computer software an interface (focusing 2x2) to plug various instruments into, a mic, etc. I play guitar mainly (got a Paul Reid Smith, and a Yamaha acous/elect.). Got a Washburn classical, and a keyboard.

Digi 003 rack+, art pro MPA II mic preamp and pro tools 12 with a bunch of plug ins.

I’m a drummer who hasn’t been able to afford somewhere to live to play drums since I left my parents house :frowning: I can play a good bit of guitar too though.

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@Takumi- You have spent a heck of lot more than I have. I love drums. When my hs friend went off to college his parents said they were gonna throw his drums out. So I got to keep them. I learned how to play by playing along to Boston’s first album. I had tons of fun for two years. If I ever move out to the boonies I am getting another set.

My older brother worked for BC Rich.

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I saw your Yamaha acoustics- they have a really nice tone. Not my bucket list acoustic but still nice.

@patchman those are just cheap acoustics my wife and I both owned one when we met like 10 years ago.

How far into flowering can you still prune? The canopy is out of control and I’m running out of vertical real estate. I should have just done one plant. I’ll put up some more pics tomorrow. Got the RH down to 50% with some changes, I think it was just a super humid day yesterday aswell.

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You can still prune or bend stems, and tuck leaves. You don’t want to scalp the plant but its ok to take leaves. Your picture from 5 days ago looks like you could do some pruning without hurting the plant. They are way more resilient than you think they are.The bottom leaves will be yellowing and falling off. That won’t affect your head room. Thats why I ordered a new tent- my 2x2x4ft left me with no head room. My 2x2x6ft gorilla grow tent should be here soon. You dont think about that as a new grower- losing a foot to the pot and whatever it is sitting on, and another foot for lighting. I am not sure what you are interested in growing, but you should check out the 2x2 grow tent grower. Just google it. He gets some big hauls from his little space. Your plants look good, just got to bring them on home. Good luck!

Thanks if you saw the space it is in its all I have room for. Tent is a little over 6ft it’s 2m but I figured WW didn’t have too much Sativa in it so I would be ok

Here are some up to date pics i went with my pruning shears but I didn’t even know where to start :confused:


Hey guys not much to report. I managed to get my RH down (still not ideal but this is Scotland) by using an intake fan. Hard to tell under hps but the leaves are starting to frost up and I touched one and man it’s sticky. So flowering week four.

I’m assuming the buds start to properly bulk up a little later in the stage?


So I decided to take some pics right at lights out with a flash and as it turns out nutrient burn is real hard to spot under hps. Doesn’t look too bad though? @patchman @spyonyou @Member420


So yesterday and today I’ve been working on a big defoliation I know it’s not recommend for beginners but after yesterday’s one I got a nice dip in RH and hoping after today’s that trend will continue. The canopy was just a blocked ceiling in the tent so there is alot more room for them to breathe although it is still busy in there. I almost can’t wait for this one to be done so I can start again. I’m on these forums every night for an hour before I go to sleep and I’ve learned so much. If it wasn’t so illegal here I would love to try some stuff like sea of green with a flood table. I have a shopping list for my next bash as I could afford the finishing nutrients that match what I’m using, a litre of the three cost £160 (prob like $200ish).