First Grow ever Need lots of Help

Kk I will up my Nutes Thank you so much @Graysin

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How much more of Jacks Nutes would you add to a 12 Gallon Reservoir @Graysin so sorry to bother you again.

No worries.
What are your PPMs normally when you mix a full dose? I’d probably do 10% more than usual - so if you did 4 grams per gal Part A and 2 grams per gal Part B, I’d go 4.4 and 2.2 and see how that affects total PPMs.

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Thank you. That’s what I will do! Again thank you for the info!!!

Sorry for barging in, I’m using Autopots for the first time and I have two plants, one auto, one photo. The auto’s day 1 of flower was Friday, and I flipped to 12/12 to get the photo going.

So far so good. I underfed for a bit, but now they’re getting 1000 ppms and are much happier. I am using 50/50 coco/perlite.

For my needs, the photo is the more important, I make capsules for my husband who has chronic pain and insomnia. The auto is a luxury since I still have a good stash for my enjoyment.

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@Graysin I mixed Jacks Nutes 3.79 A per Gallon 1 Epsom per gallon and 2.5 B per Gallon. I just mixed a new batch. how do I correct the low PPM after just mixing that new batch?

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Add an additional .3 Part A and .2 Part B per gal, see how it adjusts upward. We wanna get to the 1000-1100 range without going overboard.

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What’s a way to keep buds thick an dense while hanging my are are getting really airy an light

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Do you mean during the drying phase?

By then it’s too late to do much except not over-dry.

You lose most of the moisture content from the buds during the dry and cure, so it’s not unexpected that buds will seem less dense as they dry. If they’re depressingly wispy, it’s possible one of 3 things or any combination of the 3 is happening. Not enough light, not enough nutrient, bad plant genetics.

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Probably the first 2 honestly

Why are my margins so light? Is this normal. Leaves are praying well.

Critical feminized
FoxFarm Happy frog
Viparspectra xs1500
PH 6.3-6.5
24/0 light

My first time, planted 1/16/23.

Gdp,autoflower. Since I. Saw the first pistal now 6 months in. When is she done. Now see new pistals coming could have i recieved regular seed not autoflower. Timeline for auto doesnt seem correct as advertized 10-12 weeks., When firt pistals appeared at 11 week