First Grow ever Need lots of Help

@HMGRWN thnx makes me feel better. Do you have a journal for that grow? Iv been looking up nutes and boosters all day to grow bigger. I don’t know what to use with my soil I’m using SoHum Living soil I can’t find much about additives with it.

Yes vol4life has autos as well

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@Graysin Is it always 24 hour clock or can it do 12 hour?

Actually I do have a journal for that grow. Look it up and see what not to do…LOL


Sorry for the “disappearing act” with the link. I thought I got that grow mixed up with another.
@iDontKnowGrow , look at the growth spurt following week 3. Date stamped July 2 I believe.

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Good stuff @HMGRWN I glanced through nice job great journal I will definitely use it tysm.

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There are many more growers with journals showing the “right” way.
This is my current grow.

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I have struggled to get temp llower for flower time which the girls are telling me. So I had the heater on the floor Wrong move so I readjusted had a small tabale and set heater up about 3 feet off floor and did passive air flow and it cycles ever 10-15 min’s keeping it right around 72.9 humitdy about 54% and I got more room for more plants now no extra fans

Okay @Graysin I am at Day 9 with my ladies above ground, so when do I consider them to be in Vegetative stage?


I don’t understand the question about the 24hr? It operates in military time but if it’s easier for you, it can be set on intervals (18 hrs on 6 hrs off)

If they have a set of leaves that isn’t the cotyledons, I’d call those vegging. But other people have varying standards. I feel good once my girls get a set of leaves.

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:eyes::eyes: you said strongest 2 date :drooling_face::drooling_face:. I have 1 growing right now

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TY You answered my question about 24 hour time. Also thank you for answering my vegging question too!

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Okay @Graysin @dbrn32 I am having a problem with Low Temperature while my light is off and a problem with High Humidity… What are your thoughts? I know I can buy a dehumidifier for the humidity issue.

Also @Graysin @Nicky my leaves are feeling a little dry. Do I need to start watering 2 X per day? I am in Coco and Perlite mixture.

Should be fine with once a day…
I run an auto water system though.

@MattyBear thoughts?


Thank you so much @Nicky.


My Four babies:

My 4 babies again

They look hungry but I don’t have an articulate reason why.

Edit: I see the Q right under this post. Lol. I think it’s time to bump up the nutes.

My lower leaves are curling downward. Could this be needing more water or more nutrients? Could it be high humidity? @Graysin @dbrn32 @iDontKnowGrow @Nicky @MattyBear

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So you think they are getting too much of the Nutes?