First Grow ever Need lots of Help

Yeah I have been doing 18/6. My plants seem to be responding well but @dbrn32 is extremely knowledgeable and I trust what he says.

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Well I didn’t really say either, but I kind of said both. Either statement is true, but there may be different situations where one way is better than the other.


Okay. I see what you mean.

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Anytime I change anything I read my plants I’m a newbie but that is how to tell by reading the reaction of what you have done I agree fully with the above comment I kind of try to read everything he says very much great info

This is the key. Plants need recovery time in addition to loads of light. Light turns into energy which helps them build. I think of it just like bodybuilding. I can eat a ton of carbs and go lift heavy for a few hours a day, but if I don’t get 8hrs of good sleep, I’m wasting all that potential energy I worked so hard to build up with the food and exercise. I feel like autos grown under 24/0 schedules are victims of bad lights or a whole lot of wasted potential for growth.

I’ve actually been vegging my plants on a 6/2 schedule for no especially good reason and it’s been interesting to watch. They’ve developed roots in the hydro setup about a week faster than they did on a 18/6. But when I moved one of my photos into the flower tent, she took about 2 weeks of 12/12 to start showing sex - she’s barely getting pistils this morning (enough that I’m confident it’s a lady) compared to her counterpart who was raised in an 18/6, who began to preflower about 2 days into the 12/12. I don’t think there was a point to this tangent lol :rofl:

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@VOL4LIFE I found this amazing collection of literature. Cannabis Related Books - Free to download online - #2 by THCCBD amazing WOW

Thanks so much @iDontKnowGrow

@Graysin @Nicky @dbrn32 is CO2 a necessity in your grow tent.

@VOL4LIFE I would I’m making the homemade with yeast warm water a cpl tomatoes maybe. If I could afford CO2 I’d do it you don’t have to but I read it’s really good for your yield idk never grew anything before.

I saw some bags of CO2 and I think I might go with that if anyone else has had some experience with them.

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Yeah I seen them to like fungus growing in a bag making CO2 just open and hang up over plants.

I can not figure out how to use the meter on this app

my LuX 32769 no idea how to read it

My girls moving a long though

Yep yep

Looking Great!!!

Thnx I got that DE otw but I caught the one I seen crawling around yesterday I can’t see any above the soil or in my tent so the DE should clear it up 100% I gotta figure a way to keep pet fur from getting sucked in every time I open the tent I live in a house with 3 dogs 5 cats and a ferret shit is for real like a zoo lol I’m in the basement with zero animals just a cat will sneak in every now in then for couple hrs maybe never seen no scratches on my tent or nothing

@iDontKnowGrow I hope mine get to that point soon!

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I think it’s a seriously advanced grower with optimal growing space who can actually make use of CO2 supplementation. I haven’t snd likely won’t bother with it.


@Graysin Thank you so much! I wondered who all was using it.

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I sprinkled great white on my roots when I transplanted and some on the top of soil. I’m using SoHum Living Soil I have some recharge but that’s it besides sample of fish shit otw. Do I need or can I use whatever bloom boost in my soil I don’t know if it’s true but it says just add water on the bag and has a hightimes award too.

As long as you have good air exchange you don’t need co2 until your ppfd average is over 1000 umols/s. I don’t run co2 for this reason.

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