First grow ever.. need advice

This is my first grow ever I’m getting some brown leaves and brown around the tips… I’m using an aerogarden bounty elite I was using. A 100W led light to supplement but I stopped about a week ago once I noticed the brown… the newer leaves grow green but still a little brown at the tips… can you guys identify what’s going on? Nutrients I’m using general hydro floro series Calimagic and botanicare hydro guard… image image image image

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Checked ph it’s at 5.9 about 530 ppm the plant is about 15 days old if you guys notice his problem any advice is welcomed thanks…

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Looks like calcium deficiency, but I don’t grow in hydro.

What say you @Myfriendis410?

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Okay I was thinking nutrient burn… everybody who I have shown the leaves too says just feed with fresh water. How do you fix a calcium deficiency? I have cal-Mag solution maybe it’s not the proper ph for the calcium?

TDS is a bit high for being two weeks old, cal mag would be good to add to mix. PH is good, likely your LED is going to be needed for additional light.