First grow ever - named Frankie

We started a White Widow auto a week ago. 2x2 tent, HGL 135w, light warrior soil. Avg temp has been 78-80, humidity 50-60%. Using a small water bottle for a dome but took it off for the pic. Let me know what you think


Looks fine.
Next time you water pour it around the perimeter.


Domed to prevent spillage on leaves while watering from 3 feet away.
Support perimiter watering well. dome removable after monsoon.


great idea

That is a great idea! Looking good! Please feel free to tag me!

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Off to a good start!

@Caligurl @Graysin so it still hasn’t grown since the last picture. Doesn’t look any different like it’s dying but isn’t growing. Any advice?

Waiting is the hardest part.
I heard that somewhere.
One less expresso-coffee may help.
If they stand tall independently, they live, we hope.

Patience. Perhaps spraying the inside of your humidity dome so there’s more moisture in the air for her to use for growth. Right now her roots are too small to make much out of the moisture in her container.


She’s growing but I see some leaf discoloration. Can anyone tell me what it means?


@Graysin @DEEPDIVERDAVE re my latest pic. When we first started watering her we sprayed her. Now we’ve moved to keeping the dome on and spraying around it like you suggested Dave. Could this be why there’s spots?

She’s probably discolored because 1 - her roots aren’t developed yet and she’s struggling for enough air, or 2 - classic “new leaf weirdness” - aka she’s just gonna look funky for a bit (up to around 5 nodes) before she figures out how to grow quite right.

Be sure she’s getting wet/dry cycles in her medium (if coco, 2oz water every other day - if soil, 2oz water every 2-4 days depending on how fast her “pot” gets light). Even though she’s little, she’s big enough for real water.

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Congrats on your first grow…

When she was ready for the forever bed I buried a 1/2" hose with small holes halfway down in the soil. Used it and the Blumat until she was able to take a squirt to the Bud.
Ask the right questions here, follow a plan and you will be fine.
Disclaimer…This is my first grow this century.

Lost in the Sixties.


Mine are speckled BIG time. Monsoon watering technique (smoke, mix water, aim the Phalinx or Cruise, and fire. often with accuracy or Johnstown flood of 1889. I learned to swim in preparation for anothe Noah event). Most likely would be my answer. Looks bad, but should not hurt.

She looks like she’s dying.

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I wonder if she needs to be put in different soil. Maybe Happy Frog

Keep using the clear solo cup as a dome on top of her. Don’t give her any more water but you can mist the inside of the clear dome once a day or so, to keep the air around her nice and humid. She looks like she’s still struggling to develop roots. Means it’s time to let her medium dry out totally before adding any more - that’s my 2 cents.

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We planted her in happy frog in a 3g cloth bucket. She immediately grew but one of the new sets of leaves has a yellowing on the tip. The original set of leaves dried up


3 weeks old. Glad she finally started growing.