First grow ever is this nutrient burn?

Been lurking around this forum and getting a lot of information. I started my first grow and went with Canuk Seeds. My plant is about 2.5 weeks old since germination. I germinated using the wet paper towel method and transplanted directly into FFOF. After doing a little research on this forum, it appears most people consider this soil too hot to start with. I’ve included a couple pics and would like some opinions. I think the plant looks decent but I’m just learning. Should I consider repotting or ride it out?

I’d appreciate any help I can get. Thanks

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I’m no pro by no means but maybe this will help. Welcome to the community

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Looks like overwatering, also possible PH issue.


As pH issues I don’t go by those meters I had one get me in a mess just my experience with em.


Just checked and the PH level is about 7. I guess that’s a little high? Is it so high that I should consider lowering it? I just don’t want to annoy the plant anymore than I should.

That ph probe on that meter is useless. Don’t go by that. The moisture meter is the only thing that works ok on those.

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Ordered a ph meter and bottles of ph+ and ph-. Hope it is as simple as a ph imbalance. Thanks for the insight regarding not trusting my current readings.

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You can use the moisture meter. It is a good tool to learn how heavy your pot is when it’s dry. I just ripped off the ph probe so I wasn’t making two holes to check moisture

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@Tcmiller3 Looks like overwatering. I would let the soil dry out a good deal before watering again and I would water away from the stalk to force the roots to seek water and let the central roots recover a bit. Watch the top of the soil for any mold as well. This is all relative ONLY if it truly is overwatering obviously. Hope you get it figured out.

PH the water and nutrients going in with a quality meter, don’t start screwing with the soil trying to lower the pH, it will only get you in trouble.

I grow all my plants in Ocean Forest and have no problems with it being too hot. I’d say your plants are doing really well for 2 1/2 weeks and there are plenty of growers here that would love to see branching after that short period of time. I think you are doing fine. Just make sure you let them dry out between waterings.

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Man, I really appreciate all this support. Could part of my problem be that I’ve been using water straight from the tap?

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@Tcmiller3 tsp water is usually a little alkaline in my experience, and the chlorine is not good either. If you have to use it, let it sit for 2-3 days to evaporate the chlorine out.

So, the photos above were at about 2.5 weeks, I’m now at 3 weeks and wanted to get your opinion about my leaves.

Is it an indication of anything that the leaves are two different shades of green? Is it normal for the leaves further from the root to turn a darker color?

I also started LST after reading about people’s successes, was this a good idea?

As an update since last posted. Tested PH of my tap water and it’s 6.7, this should be good?

Here’s a little about my set up;
In KY and growing on my back porch in 5 gal fabric pots.
Keeping an LED grow light on 24/7 with a little real sunshine that hits the porch in the middle of the day.
Nights are getting really cool and have been keeping a small ceramic heater going on with heat directed at the plant. Soil stays around 70 degrees F.
Since the last update, I didn’t water at all until last night.
Any and all help is appreciated.

Almost looks like overwatering and a slight nitrogen deficiency, but you said you’re in FFOF, so I don’t know. Do they get plenty of light?

Just read your setup… seconds AFTER posting and asking COUGH about your setup :flushed:
Sorry bout that and hope you get it solved. Keep posting anything new :crossed_fingers:t3:

Also…yes, 6.7 pH should be fine

Thought I’d share an update. I think things are looking pretty good and thanks for all the advice. It’s amazing what a few days can make.

Okay so I trimmed the lower fan leaves that were touching soil as well as some of the larger leaves up top that were blocking light. I tried not to go crazy cutting though due to the mixed opinions regarding foliating autoflowers. Does this look okay regarding foliating? I wanted to do more but a little scared.