First grow ever - GDP Auto

4 ILGM GDP autos planted 7/1 (55 days old)

As you can see in the pictures, I have a lot going on:

2 tall ones - my friend babysat last week and went all scissor hands, but they are budding

1 flowering shorty - this one is flowering but looks like a miniature plant

1 pre-flower shorty

2 in front are on my kids Halloween buckets so 6 inches raised

Grown in coco-loco mix
Use FF trio @ 1/8 dose
5 gallon smart pots
Watered every 48ish (1 gallon each)
I’ve used calmag and recharge as supplements
4x4 tent with 3 fans and filter
SF4000 light
I “fimmed” them
I used LST but removed the tie downs
20/4 schedule
70 at night, 80ish during day

2 tall ones

  • anything I can do to help the plant given deputy Dewey cut off all my fan leaves?
  • they look a little yellow, any suggestions?
  • how long until harvest

1 short in flower

  • any way to spike her up a bit

1 short pre-flower

  • it seems stuck, any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!


Is anyone out there?

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Switch to 12/12

Let it ride until it finishes.
Not much you can do at this point, but I would continue to feed.
Not sure which plant specifically, but you got 3-4 weeks minimum to go yet. You want 80% of the pistils to be brown before you consider chopping down.


Thank you. Do you think the tall plants are “yellowish” because of lack of leaves, ph, or nutrient issues?

It could be nutrient issues, or a combination of PH, either or it’s too late to correct now. She’s almost done.

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Looks like your about a month away from harvest. The rear right one looks like it will be done first.

Those are some impressive auto’s my friend. What kind of soil are you using? If it’s a super soil you may be running out of nutes. Might want to think about a little nitrogen fert. And hope your giving it a bloom booster if not it is def time to start. Also give it some unsulfered molasses really brings out the terms in the end

Welcome to the community!

I am using foxfarm nutes. I also have some flower power and bud candy but haven’t used it.

I know this probably sounds like a dumb question, but I only have one light. I a pull it to a dark place for 12 hours and trigger it and I then move it back to my 18/6 tent or will it revert back?

It takes several weeks with a light schedule of 12/12 to transition to flower.
Doing one light cycle of 12 hours won’t be enough to change anything.