First grow EVER for me!


Just finished putting the 300watt light in and the difference is night and day!


Those are perfect @Bigwaverider777 I have three of them in my tent


I bet the difference is substantial! How far away from the top of the plants do you have it? @Bigwaverider777


@bob31 it is currently about 11/2”- 1 3/4”. I know that’s too close and I am working on getting a taller tent



You might do more harm than good with that light being that close. A 400 watt LED needs about 30 inches between the top of the plants and the light.

If you look at the cables that hang the light. If you loop them back through and attach them at the base of the light you can shorten them by half of what they are now. That would give you a little more room.


I apologize! My fat thumbs typed a 4 instead of a 3. It is a 300 watt led light and I still twisted the cables and raised it up a bit now it might bee too high lol but they are getting better lighting. @bob31




@bob31 I also just got my soil PH/light/ moisture tool today too. How far away from the main visible growth should I be looking for soil moisture before I decide to water it again?


halfway between stem and side of pot. I gotta tell ya, if that is on of those prong meters you can’t use those to measure the pH of your water. They don’t measure soil pH all that well either. Did you get a ph meter for water? @Bigwaverider777


@bob31 it is one of the ones on a stems and I do not have a water ph meter yet but I do have the general hydroponic liquid dye testers. And it is definitely better than what I had before which was nothing. I wasn’t planning on trying to test the water oh level with the probe I just got. I will be getting an electronic ph meter for the water next when I get a taller/bigger tent. That’s next of my list


ok brother, some folks get confused and think those can be used but they really aren’t any good for pH. No worries. If you have a few extra $$ get the apera pH tester. I’m getting one for Christmas! lol @Bigwaverider777


So these don’t really work for water ph testing?


The test kit will work ok. Nothing beats the ease of a pH meter though. The one I have now cost like $12- but try that kit out youve got there and lets see how you do. @Bigwaverider777


I have been using it. I fill up my measuring cup I’ve been using to water my plants now, then I dip that plastic tube the kit provides and fill about halfway full the. I put 4 drops of the testing solution put the cap back on and tap it to get it mixed in with the water and compare it to the chart on the test bottle. I haven’t had to do the up or down solution yet. Our tap water I’ve been using is approximately 6.5-7. @bob31


Perfect! @Bigwaverider777


I still definitely want one of the electric ones. I’ve been eyeballing those for a hot minute. Lol


the cheap yellow ones work ok. I have been using one for a year with no issues.@Bigwaverider777


48”x48”x80” tent on the way as well as some GH nutrients. The plant are loving the new light!!! Thank you for the help! I can already see a difference.


That’s a nice tent. Some struggle a bit setting them up. Bit like a jigsaw puzzle. @Bigwaverider777


New tent is set up, second light put in there (i got another 300 watt light, so my new tent has two 300 watts for 3 plants) and tonight was the first night i gave them some of the GH flora series nutrients. Everything looks good and the girls definitely LOVE the new light! Will post pics of the new setup and keep you posted on their progress! Thank you for the help so far! It is greatly appreciated!