First grow EVER for me!


@Bigwaverider777 the two at the top of th post are the gold leaf and the little one is na. Does that mean some sort of bag seed or something?

Both of your GL’s look small for being a month old.

Miracle Gro potting soil can be a tough one, especially due to the time release fertilizer. It looks like all three are doing ok for now with that regards.

With the two larger plants I’d recommend a change in the way you water them. You need to water them slowly until water runs out of the grow bag. Lift the pot by the handles, it should feel uniformly heavy. if not wait 10 minutes and give some more water slowly. until it runs off again. then feel the weight. The plants will be good for 3 days or more. Keep lifting them until the pots feel light again. You can also check down to the first knuckle to be sure.

On the little one, you want to water a cupful of water every couple of days around the plant in a circle, about halfway to the sides, this will encourage the roots to grow and search for water. In another week, you can start watering them like the other two.

Also does that soil say something like moisture control or something? Anyway it hold a lot of water and you need to let them dry out between waterings.

Also I think if you check the bag and let me know how long the fertilizer is good for?

What size is your grow space or tent or whatever?

Tell me more about your lights. Looking for wattage. @Bigwaverider777


@bob31 As far as the little one goes, it may be gold leaf but it might be one of the seeds I’ve been collecting for a while when I buy flower at the pot shops. I’m really not sure. Probably GL but there is a very slight possibility it’s just a random seed I had collected. As far as the miracle grow soil goes the bag doesn’t say anything about moisture control. It just says :

and I’m already planning on letting them dry out a bit. Just got a little ecstatic over the growth I was getting and over did it. Thank you for the tips! I will try that and keep you posted! What about the light cycle? Is 18 on 6 off alright or should I adjust that too? Also, here are the pics of the leaves I was talking about earlier:


18/6 to 16/8 works fine.

So that soil has time release fertilizer good for 6 months. I’m suspecting you will still need bloom nutrients but we can talk about that later.

The leaves in the first pic are substantially dead. I’d remove them. The leaves in the second pic look burned. Can you take another pic under somewhat brighter light and zoom in a little on that leaf for me?


@bob31 hopefully these are a little better and I was able to get some pics of the yellow colored dots that showed up in a couple spots. And when I got them in better lighting other than the led light they’ve been under the leaves are very green just not the very tip. And it may be a burn because last week is when I moved the light further away from them as well as adjusting the light cycle. Before that, they were under the led light for 24 hours. Yet another mistake I made being lazy. And the picture where the leaf looks COMPLETELY shriveled is just wrong angle wrong lighting


@bob31the grow tent I have them in is2’x2’length and width and 4’ tall. The light is only 45w.


I think you are seriously low on lighting @Bigwaverider777 the recommended for LED is 30-50 watts per sq foot That is based on actual draw wattage, I expect your 45 watt LED probably draws 15-20 watts.

For your tent the recommended actual wattage would be 120 watts to 200 watts.

Also the gold leaf can get quite large. Since your tent is only 4 feet tall, that is another challenge as even if you added a 300 watt led and hung it that would take about 8-12 inches and you need to be 18 inches above the plants. Not really doable.

That tent is made for cloning and veging plants, not for taking them into flower. Do you have other options?

I grew in a 3x3x6 foot tent and I had to run a SCROG for my gold leaf to keep it away from the lights!



Unfortunately that’s all I had money for. What size tent would you suggest for an actual grow? And if have to build a SCROG, I’m always game to learn more! As the saying goes, “the more you know…” Lol
And as far as the led goes, you said st least 300 Watts is what I need? Also what is the highest I should go? Would 1000 or 2000 be too high?


The size of the light depends @Bigwaverider777

The size of the grow, number of plants etc. When you are ready to talk about lights I will tag in another guy that has a really good understanding of them.

The size of the tent is really up to you and how much you want to grow and all that. I run a 3x3 tent and I did a Gold Leaf SCROG in the back half of the tent and two Autoflowering in the front of the tent. It worked out very well! I built my SCROG out of 1x2 furring strips, sheet rock screws and some leftover wire fencing


I would definitely like to talk lights, only because this is my first time and there will be more grows in the future! I wouldn’t surpass 3 or 4 plants at a time until I have numerous successful grows under my belt. I would also like some help with the nutrients, so I can stop being a bad father and malnourish my plants no further than I already have @bob31


Well lets talk nutes and then I will tag the other fellow.

You’re in the US? Correct? I’m guessing by the username, West Coast?

Do you live in a state that has grow stores? @Bigwaverider777


Yes I sure do! California to be exact! One of my friends has worked at a hydroponic store for the last 7 years.


I’d see what they have in a big 3. Here are two examples that work well


Fox Farms

Also if you are interested. There is another line called Nectar For The Gods and they offer a free trial for the price of shipping.

Here is what the sent for the charge of $29

Our sample cases come with a quart of Gaia, Medusa, Zeus, Demeter’s, Athena’s and Herculean Harvest. As well as an 8 ounce bottle of Khaos and Olympus up. It will also include a feeding schedule. @Bigwaverider777


Where can I get the nectar of the gods you were talking about? I looked at the other 2 and I was thinking FF or the other one but it didn’t look like either had any grow schedules… I can find one online I’m sure but I don’t want to get a bunk schedule that isn’t accurate so… I digress. How much would the hector of the gods shipping you talked about cost? Living in California, a strict budget is key to not becoming homeless lol


@bob31 scratch the cost question for nector of the gods… I just re read the previous post and you already told me how much it would be!


I have the feeding charts for all three @Bigwaverider777 The nectar for the gods was shipping from Oregon to MA so it may be different for you. Just google the nectar for the gods and look for the oregon website. scroll to the bottom for their offer






I think mine was $22 shipped to SoCal.


As far as temp and humidity levels go, I just got my tester today.

disregard the high temp of 90 and the high humidity. That was just kept from the time I put the batteries in in the house. It only keeps 36 hours of the highs and lows stores @bob31


Getting a 300watt led today! Yay! After I receive it, I will be adding to the grow tent if I can fit it. If not then I will be switching the lower wattage one currently in place