First grow ever (autoflowers)

feeding watering mix at the end of day 1 week 3.

  • kelp4less / silica powder
  • garden tea company / essential elements

Not pictured but included this feeding:

  • og biowar / nute pack
  • roots organic / rain
  • impello / tribus original
  • fish head farms / fish sh!t

July 23 - 29

1 week from topping and they took off! Been practicing leaf tucking, fungus gnats started getting a lil crazy (I hate them)… GNATROL (BTi) being applied every 3 days. 5:2 ratio fulvic acid/kelp powder does wonders and straightened these girls out. Snapped Anesthesia branch while doing LST, wrapped it up and she healed herself.



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July 30 - August 4 veg ends
August 5 - 12 flower starts, week one ends

Did some light defoliation, LST and super cropping before both plant’s pistils popped. Was pretty aggressive with the BTi on a 3 day schedule, seems to have gotten the fungus gnats under control… for now. Fed the girls a compost tea that they responded beautifully too for their first week of flower. I’m so proud. Recharge and Mammoth P next feed.

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Look at these babies pray !!

Did some Kushman’s Chiropractic on the last day of week 1 flower.

August 13th - 20th
Week 2

The last super crops for these girls, gotta give em a breather before I rough em up next week lol last Bokashi pro gro feed and trying out build a soil products. I think I love this brand… gnats are basically non existent these days!

August 21st - 28th
Week 3

HEAVY leaf strip this week!! Got em looking like lollipops. Got one more super crop in, noticed both plants getting nute burn or osmotic pressure and decided to keep at the normal feed (and some) to see what happens. Gotta apply that pressure then release and watch these girls bounce back better than before Squinting face with tongue :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Anesthesia changed sex actually lol after all that stress, but I plucked the one sack of (immature) nanners and haven’t seen any since! I took measures post defol to reduce shock. Payed off (for now)

August 29th - September 5th

No more training, switched lights to 20/4. Keeping plants at solid DLI and VPD by measuring lux and using a infrared thermometer for leaf surface temps. Been trying more build a soil products (seed sprout teas and grain top dressing) and have more on the way hahah I’m addicted. Introduced an aloe plant to the grow space and started a few bag seeds for a friend’s mom. Zkittlez nute burn got a tiny bit out of hand, Anesthesia taking whatever I throw at her! Giving them both a few feeds without nutrients before reintroducing at half or more than half the manufacture recommended dosage. I’ve done a blue corn and mung bean SST and got another started in a dark drawer at this moment (just a few more days). Also added an oscillating canopy fan to the top of tent early in the week and moved the original fan to the floor so I have air constantly moving on the top and bottom of plants Green heart :green_heart:

September 6th -

Week 5 Day 1 night shift