First grow ever (autoflowers)

Compost tea brewer I made

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Soil I built primarily with roots organic green fields potting soil, nature’s living soil automix and biochar I charged myself

Zkittlez auto and Anesthesia auto soaked in water for 18 hours (till sunk), paper towel tech till taproots exposed and then dusted with OG Biowar before being sown into soil

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Germinated seeds sown on July 6th
Taproots of both seeds exposed themselves on the early morning of the 7th (likely buried too shallow) and were top dressed with a bit more soil to protect roots from air and light. By the end of the night the seedlings had corrected themselves and were pushing out of the soil right-side-up.

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July 8th - Zkittlez auto seed membrane was sticking to cotyledons so I eased it off one side lightly to allow top of leaves to get more light exposure
Anesthesia auto looks immaculate already with pretty deep hues


Good luck I’m watching

I take it you have been down this road before, just first auto grow. Based on my experience, amnesia haze auto PH and nutrient sensitive. Good luck. Watching

Look :eyes: like u are getting a good start keep it up Nice :+1: mind if I watch

Hey it’s good to be back, week 3 started today Wednesday the 22nd and I got a bag of silica powder (silicone dioxide) from Kelp4Less in the mail that I will be adding to my feeding this evening.

Here is the recap of what has taken place in the past two weeks:

July 12th - 16th

I noticed fungus gnats were hopping around the soil of both plants and that one and then two were beginning to lean a bit. My assumption is their larvae gnawing on the roots slightly was the cause of this. You will see stakes in the soil (which probably aren’t too good for the roots ); either) but no matter, overall these are minor issues. You will see these stakes throughout the rest of these pictures.

July 18th - 22nd

For the gnats I introduced beneficial nematodes to the soil, as well as Gnatrol for the BTi (on different dates). I’ve been keeping the soil moist and letting them do their thing. Both girls were and have been growing vigorously, but with ideal internodal spacing for the height of my tent! I topped both ladies early Monday morning and they have responded well to it. I ate the tops :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Will certainly eat them again ahaha. I did so at the third node, counting their first single set of leaves and their new growths are popping off!

Also, check out the stems! They look so beefy now I love it. The zkittlez auto does lean a bit but I think she’ll prop herself up in do time. Damn gnats came in the roots potting soil I bet, shoulda baked it in the sun!
Anyways, does this look like wind burn on my anesthesia auto leaves? I had the fan turned up on them which is due in part as to why their stems look so thick I bet. Ive kept it at a smooth rustling breeze as to not stress them after the topping.

Thanks bro I appreciate you

Thanks for the heads up, I do have a few amnesia auto seeds (freebies) that I am excited to work with. Sativa strains are quite finicky I’ve read! And actually no, this is my first grow ever. I just studied a lot before setting myself up hahah I can tell it will always feel like there is more to learn in regards to growing. Cheers man

Thank you sir, hope you’re having a good one.

Looking good. I’m doing my first grow with auto. First grow of anything. I will be following along with you if I can figure out how. Happy growing and smoke on.

Yes I’m brand new to forums and growing as well, but we’re getting the hang of it one day at a time. Have a great evening!

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Nice. Very nice. Not sure what the little leaf edge discoloration is.

Off to a good start man, ill be keeping an eye out - interested in getting some Zkittlez down the road :slight_smile:

If I had to guess… if not wind burn then likely either she’s letting me know there are slight root problems or LED is too close ! I know that both cause leaf curling, I see a bit of that here and there as well

Thanks gus. Of the two, she responded best to the topping! Not by a crazy amount but def something to be considered.