First Grow Ever - Autoflower OG Kush - Closet - Dry Amendment Nutes

Hello all! Very excited to get going on my very first grow. Thanks for stopping by and checking out this journal :slight_smile: I am always grateful for any tips and advice that can be shared (have already taken a wealth of knowledge from many of you through my reads), so thank you in advance!

I am very limited for space and will be going with one plant in a simple setup for the time being. Will be using a lot of the grow methods borrowed from “Mr-Canucks-Grow” (current vids on TheWeedTube). Starting this journal with the gear and setup while waiting on seeds, and there isn’t much prep work left to be done at this point.

Just a few things about this grow setup… I don’t want to include every detail and schedule, just for the sake of keeping this readable. This will be a slow-release nutrient feeding through dry amendments with varying ratios in veg, start of flower, and mid-flower states. Other than that I will be just making sure the plant is getting enough water, fresh air, correct levels of RH, temp, and light. I’ll be leaving the carbon-filter off of the exhaust fan until flower state/when smells are becoming present. I will also be doing LST starting around week 3 (veg) to about mid-flower, and just enough defoliation to allow light penetration to prime bud sites as they pop up & get blocked throughout plant growth.

Future posts during the grow will include details and actions along with picture(s). Even though this is my first grow I will still be trying to get a decent yield through methods I trust myself to perform, so I will likely not attempt any sort of topping with this plant. Below is a picture of my simple setup and list w/amazon links showing details about the majority of the equipment I’ll be using.

Seeds - OG Kush Autoflower
Medium - Coco Coir
Nutes - Dr.Earth dry amendment 4-4-4 & 3-9-4 Also, perlite 5-10% into the initial mix.
Water - Distilled water balanced down to 6.5ph from 7ph using minimal lemon juice
Light - 150W Blurple Light (I know there are always better lights but I had to make an economic choice for a single plant unfortunately)
Tent - 2’x2’x4’ CoolGrows
Exhaust Fan & Control - iPower 4inch with Carbon Filter and Ducting Speed Control
pH & TDS Meters - Very Basic Vivosun Combo
Other misc items - Clip on fan for air intake, Digital hygrometer, small humidifier (if needed), spare rolls of cut-to-fit carbon pad, 3 gallon fabric grow pot, and pot tray w/stand (to keep from sitting in runoff).

If you have questions/comments about anything please feel free to post! Also, if you know anyone that should be tagged into this journal I greatly appreciate that help as well. Thanks again for taking time to read all this and for checking me out (sounded dirty) :flushed:


My tip is run cfl 24/0 first week or two. Then 18/6 or 16/8 couple weeks until you see buds forming, then 12/12. I grown many wwa with great success this way. 8+ oz everytime


First of all welcome to the forum man . We all love growing and helping share our knowledge and experiences with 1 another . Sounds like you havea great setup , trust me when I say we all have went thru the blurple lights. Lol. Seems like you have everything you need to grow some nice fat buds. I’ll be around if you have any question just tag us like @Growflosaurus


Congrats on your first grow.
Looks like you have most of your ducks in a row.
Unfortunately that light won’t get you through flowering.
They may even struggle during later vegetative stage too.
If your growing an Auto plant three gallon will work fine.
If you plan on growing Photo seed you may want to consider 5 gallon pot. But that also depends on how long you plan to veg her before changing light schedule to trigger flowering.


Welcome to ILGM! I didn’t see any Cal/Mag supplement. You’ll definitely need it in coco, even more with distilled water. You may need more light when you get to the flower stage. You might consider a scrog in that tent, since you’re somewhat limited height-wise. That might also help maximize the lighting you have. You could probably lower it right down on the buds once they’re all spread out evenly. I can see it now…

You’re in good hands here, and ironically running almost exactly the setup I plan to use once I build a new grow room…coco, Dr. Earth, reverse osmosis water…so I’ll be watching your grow. I want to try making teas from the dry amendments, and I’ve been using their liquid stuff on my veggies, but otherwise very similar. Don’t hesitate to fire away with any questions you have. No such thing as a dumb one. :v:

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Coco should be around 5.8-6.0 ph.
Looks good and good luck with ur grow.
Peace. :v::+1::wink: @Growflosaurus.
And welcome

Great! More or less the light schedule I was planning on. Thanks for the insight, you can’t beat experience =) @HornHead

Thanks for stopping by, I definitely appreciate the welcome. Always good to have more help and knowledge on hand! @Ncgreenthumber

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Thanks! Yeah, I may have to end up supplementing/replacing light, but unfortunately the $$$ is tight right now and it was really the only route I could go. I did see some average looking grows where they got all the way through on a light with less intensity than the one I got. Might have to end up running it close and bright when things get going, and hope the $ situation changes. I appreciate your advice and help! @Skydiver

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Good call on the Cal/Mag supplement! That’s one under-sight I had with my distilled water. It is odd, the setup I’m replicating he specifically calls out not using cal/mag and he ALWAYS uses coco with great success, but almost any forum you peep the consensus is that you always need it in coco. I have read that QB LED’s also cause this deficiency in coco. Regardless, I WILL need it haha. Scrog is definitely on my radar and not ruled out. Once we get poppin’ into veg I’ll probably make that call, also already have plans to replace the tub the pot sits on with something much shorter to help with headroom. Thanks again! :grinning: @elheffe702


Thanks for the tip & greetings! @Oldguy


I’d make that call before you even soak a seed, so you’re prepared. Also, depending how you want to “shape” the plant, you need to start doing that pretty early on in their lives. Autos somewhat limit the amount of training you can do, and when, without affecting your yield. Just some more things to think about while you’re already pretty overwhelmed. You’re welcome! :smile: :+1:

There’s a good thread on the topic here: Scrogging Autos


Something else you can get on the cheap is citric acid used for canning. $5-$7 at the store and a 5 oz has lasted me through 3 plants finished and currently 30 plants growing and have only used maybe 1/2 of the bottle. It’s dry crystals and taking my waters Ph from 8 down to around 6.5 only takes 1/4 of a 1/4 teaspoon measuring spoon per gallon. Works great for me and cheap.


Cider Vinegar pH down and Baking Powder for pH up.


Those work, but they can possibly negatively affect your grow over the long run.

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Hello, again Betty.

Great care and attention must be paid to ensure you don’t get into a pH up and down yo-yo as it is easy to overcorrect no matter what medium you use.

Mistakes I’ve made.

Not cleaning droppers or spoons between adjustments.
Assuming my rainwater pH will remain at the same level.
Over-reliance on the longterm accuracy of pH meters.

One thing I’ve learnt over the years of growing is that the biggest pest my plants have to overcome is, me, and my lack of attention to detail. The tendency to act without really thinking through consequences.

Right now, I have 4 Sativa’s entering into the 5th week of flower under lights. I’m using a single 140-litre tank with 40-litres of nutrient solution, 3 air bubblers and the Kratky system of dissolved oxygen over a large surface area of water.

I’ve found the pH falls over time in this system. So, I aim to start at 6.4 pH and monitor every few days until the pH gets to around 5.6 by adding just a third of a teaspoon of baking powder directly to the tank will return the pH to 6.4 and the cycle starts again.

Things are working well and I should get a harvest.

If I keep my shite together and do nothing stupid.


–Sorry the reply was slow, broke that limit and had to wait till today when it would let me post–

@elheffe702 True though, I don’t know if I really would’ve waited that long to decide, just was still feeling on the fence. The link was a good insight though, more of hybrid between the two techinques, where the screen is like a temoprary anchor to help control your LST until the plant retains that shape. Always good to keep many things in mind, I appreciate it. :thinking::thinking::thinking: Also, looking forward to see your new grow room setup when you get there.

@Skydiver Thanks, for the suggestions. :wink:

@blackthumbbetty What particularly were you referencing? The pH adjustments? Just want to make sure I understand. And thanks for dropping in, anything you think would be helpful will not fall on deaf ears. :ear::ear:

@jackowhee Thanks for the rundown of your pH process, it helps to give me an image for things to shoot for and also avoid. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I was referencing using vinegar and baking soda aspH adjusters over the long term. They work, but they add things such as acetic acid and sodium to your grow, which can accumulate and cause issues.

Look at this study from 1928! Acetic acid kills soil microbes–good and bad–if used in high enough quantities or it’s allowed to build up in the soil.

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Seeds arrived today, so we’re on our way. Picture in a few days when we have something to actually look at, besides a sack of our coco coir mixed. Getting to sit as close to 60%RH and temps are 77-ish degrees (this grow is just gonna run a little on the warmer side due to room restrictions and lack of ventilation from closet which houses the grow tent). We got just the right amount of water for seedling, and since this light isn’t super strong to begin with it’s running 100% about at 16in above soil surface. Hopefully we should have a sprout that’s made it way out within the next few days. Hope everyone is doing well!


Compared to the comprehensive study from 1928, my small and very limited experience must be treated with caution.

I wasn’t giving advice.

Although, to be fair, I was adjusting pH and not disinfecting the soil.

Why would I?

My grow is a Kratky++ with no soil involved.


I wish you the very best on your grow and hopefully a bountifully harvest.

My very best regards.


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