First grow ever and using Bergman’s plant food

Hey y’all so I had a question. For convience can I just grab a one gallon water jug and add half a tbsp and just keep that for growing. So like I don’t think I’ll need an entire gallon for seedling stage but if I fill the whole gallon I can just come back to that gallon every time its feeding time, like does it go bad? I’m gonna be doing four plants in a 48x48x80. The feeding and watering schedule and amount is the only part that worries me.

You never want to leave nutes sitting for even an hour. If you have a bucket, air pump, n stone u could aerate it. I believe u saw it would last 7-10 days. But even then i don’t recommend more then a couple days tops. It changes pH n the ions bond prematurely. Just not so hot for the gals

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Ok so everytime i feed i make a fresh nutrient blend from my powder? What are nutes?

Nutrients. Sorry. N yea fresh would be best

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wow! haha sorry thats my bad, what a dumb question. Nute = Nutrient hah Thank you so much Purp.

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No problem at all bro👊🏾 Only stupid questions are the ones u dont ask