First Grow Ever - 3 Different Strains - 100% Fun

Looks like onset of a deficency and a N tox which to me means lockout

Tuesday, November 5th 2019 - Day 50

I ended up purchasing a Digital PH meter based on the recommendations by everyone. I bought the Dr.meter PH100-V. After callibrating the PH Meter I pre-tested the water and then measured the run-off from the plants.

I was getting a PH reading of 7.84 from the water, and a reading of 8.13 from the water run-off. Based off this scale, I 100% am seeing an Iron deficiency.

I’ve already placed an order for Calcium Sulfate (Gypsum) to help bring the levels down. Hopefully this will help with the yellowing to the leaves I’ve been having. Which I’m sure it will, based on the information I have now.

Otherwise, the plants are slowly starting to flower, I’m seeing some pretty healthy pistol growth and the beginnings of trichome development. Exciting stuff!

Progress Pics:

Sunday, November 10th 2019 - Day 55

I’m getting my PH levels to a much better spot. Before trying anything I wanted to give my plants a few good waterings to establish what ‘normal’ looked like. I was averaging 8.5 PH in my soil.

As of today I officially have the PH down to 4.89. Which is a massive over-correction lol. The plants have been doing fine, and today is the only day they’ve been that low. I’m going to continue to water them with regular tap-water to bring the PH levels back up.

But the important thing is I’m able to accurately measure the PH levels, and correct them as I go. I’m starting to see some solid tri production, and all of my plants have some beautiful white tops.

Good on you :+1: well done