First grow & enjoying it! (Amnesia Haze Autoflower)

Day 119

Harvested Cristina. Here she is hanging after her wet trimming.

Day 121

Flushed Althea. Gave her ~48oz water, about double the water she normally gets on her watering days, just because I felt like 24oz might not be enough to truly flush the nutrients out of the soil. I’ll see if i notice a cleaner taste with her compared to the others who only got 24 oz each time they were flushed.

Day 125 - 10/3/2020
Harvested Althea. She turned out to offer the most beautiful bud, with a unique pink hue and more frosty than the other girls. These pics were fresh after chopping :heart_eyes:

Here she is hanging to dry after wet trimming.



I went into my first grow with almost no knowledge on how to do this. With a modest budget, I was hoping for 1 ounce of yield total across the 5 plants.

Dry weight yield per plant:






Grand Total Dry Weight Yield: 33.31g

Really happy to have exceeded my goal of 1 ounce for my first grow, and the bud is delicious and uplifting as I hoped! Cheers to the next one!

Main Takeaways/Lessons Learned:

1) Do NOT water until runoff during the seedling stage if you’re using a soil mix

2) If you start your grow indoors and move outdoors, you need to HARDEN OFF the plants so the main fan leaves don’t burn in the sun

3) If a plant looks sick and crippled, don’t give up on it! It may make a surprising comeback :wink:

Final Thoughts

While growing was a lot more time consuming and difficult than i anticipated, i found therapy in both the process and the fruits of the labor. I really doubt I would have done nearly as well without this community. All in all I definitely came out in the green yes pun intended and know this will not be my last grow!

I’d like to thank everyone who advised me and helped me through my struggles throughout this grow! Special shout out to @OlyBoy98503 @Bow4Buck @Cannabian @Zee @Covertgrower @DankBank22 @PurpNGold74 @Chasworks @beardless @registereduser and anyone I missed (ILGM would only let me tag 10 in my post)! I am so incredibly grateful for all of your help.

This community is so supportive and really generous with knowledge. It is a pleasure to be a part of such an amazing positive atmosphere. Hope you all take that spirit with you on your journeys outside of the grow too :pray: happy growing to all and to all a good night!


Nice grow man, congrats. I didn’t read the whole thread, but the parts I did read I appreciated. Well thought out and I think there’s a lot to learn based on your data.

In relation to hardening, well done finding that and realizing. I had great luck when transplanting vegetables by putting them outside early in the morning when the sun was still coming up. Getting them out there when the sun is coming up naturally allows them to get gradual sunlight over time.Lastly, I always tried to match the same temperature from the environment they were being transferred from.

I haven’t done a grow yet, waiting on my first set of seeds. Plan to do hydroponics DWC inside within a 4x4 tent. Wish me luck.


Congrats on your harvest, all that work will be rewarded, nothing like smoking your own! 1 grow experience or 30 years, it’s always a learning experience. Well done brother, glad I was able to help, but at the end of the day, it’s all you.


Nice, you accomplished what you set out to do and the end result is good weed you grew from seed to harvest! Congratulations any help along the way i may have contributed was shared with that intention. Enjoy your fruits sparking one to celebrate your success. :hotsprings:

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Good job dude! I’m coming to the realization that Am Haze is not an easy one to grow. Not sure why that is. Thinking this strain may have some very specific environmental requirements. My first one was fluffy and airy mostly due to my inexperience and poor environmental conditions. Have my second attempt at this one finishing right now. This strain seems to take longer to finish than others I have grown. This time is much better but the buds are not as dense as I’d like them to be. So far my best plant has been Lowryder. Went through whole grow with zero issues and got nice really dense sticky buds my fingers get super sticky when breaking the buds down for the grinder. I got just shy of 4.25oz for one plant. I’d say try a Lowryder if you can the end result is very good also nice relaxed high.

Nice! Enjoy your cannabis! Next grow will be room for improvement! If you start plants a bit early and are growing in mother earth outside you can expect much much larger returns for very little effort. If you are growing indoors, you are playing god and need to watch your plants closely. However, an ounce a plant is pretty easy to achieve even with basic equipment and knowledge.
If I can give one more word if wisdom, if you have the right strain and all else being decent, time is always the biggest factor to a large yield. The longer that plant is in veg the larger it will be, and the greater potential for more cannabis. Of course, bigger isnt always better, and we need to stay within the boundaries of or grow area.

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Congrats on your harvest!

I have enjoyed your thorough notes and your insight on your observations. Regardless of the amount of this harvest, I have no doubt that your next few grows are going to be more fruitful than you expect them to be.

I think that as your next grow progresses, you will read the notes from this grow and laugh to yourself as you realize how much you’ve picked up and how many more of the pieces all fit together. I hope you tag me on your next grow.