First Grow/Eager to Learn

Hello All! New to this and I want to keep getting better so I can produce great quality flowers…
Thank you in advance for time spent helping me understand how to improve.

In a 2.5x2.5.
Chinese built Full Spectrum LED 1200w (around 200 actual so im told)
Using straight Happy Frog soil
Seeds found in dispensary weed
One 6in up top blowing out (no ducting yet)
AN Grow A and B, Recharge, Cyco Silica

Now the older one may be 6 weeks and i just got the setup on 5/27. Supposedly “Miss Cleo” seed from dispo that came from a friend. Used to bring it inside and out and i am sure I have stunted it or at least slowed growth more than once. It used to be in a small container with dirt from the yard and the earliest pics show it immediately after transplant into Happy Frog. The other is a seed I found in Blueberry from dispensary.

There are also 3 more I’m about to put in tent. Two Chem Dawg and one Durban Poison. These were given to me by same buddy and also found in weed from dispensary. I live in Oklahoma and don’t know how common finding seeds might be elsewhere… We haven’t had Medical terribly long…

I haven’t really found a good rhythm yet… How often should I be watering, feeding, using recharge, adding silica… I feel like the soil stays too wet and I want more control. Yes I have done research and know the directions for my nutes but I am interested in knowing y’alls experiences and would love good direction. I have always wanted to do this and finally I can without trouble. Do i transplant into better option?

1st 2 pics are on 5/27 when they went into tent
Next one is pic taken 6/9

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First of all welcome to the forum, I will try to answer your question as best as I can. A good way to tell if you need to water your plants is to stick your finger into the soil to the second knuckle if its wet your good. Just keep in mind when they are in flowering they will need a lot more water. Just follow the directions on the nutes and you will fine. Unfortunately I can not answer your question on recharge and silica. But I will say this your plants so far are looking good to me. Now I do have a few questions about your setup. How many plants are you planning to grow at once? Your tent is 2.5x2.5 with three plants in it now and you said you are adding more to it, unless you are using it to just get the seeds started and moving them to a larger tent or outside that tent is to small to grow all of those plants. Also be careful of those Chinese built LEDs they tend to be very hit and miss when it comes to how good the light is they put out, not saying yours is.

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Welcome aboard, looks like you have a pot there with more than one plant in it. If that’s the case you will need to do something there as the roots will fight for space. As for watering, I water every day and watch for a little pool of water appearing in the saucer then stop, on that note if I feel they don’t need then they don’t get. I don’t do the second knuckle thing I move the soil about on the surface looking for where the damp starts. The weight of your pot will also tell you how much water is in there. I monitor my PPM and PH daily and feed when my values get lower than 7-800 ppm which is usually every second day sometimes every third day. Keep an eye on your leaf tips as this is where the first signs of over feeding will show. If they start to go brown then back off on the nutes for a while. Good luck on this, watering away from the stem will force the roots to go looking for water which will give you a better root ball :sunglasses:

So i was able to get my hand on a clone about 3 weeks old and have bent it because it was so tall. I put it in a 3 gal a day ago. Seeing as the other two are from seed, this is the only known female of good genetics(Skywalker OG) I want to clone this one but i haven’t decided if i should wait to clone it. It looks plenty healthy doesn’t it? Or my other option is to give it a couple more weeks and then flower it and take clones . Then reveg the clones under a 4bulb 2ft durolux t5 while this plant flowers? With training i could prep a couple clones for my flower tent under that t5 couldn’t I? Thoughts? I have no idea whether the other 2 plants i started are worth a damn or not. This girl is worth putting time into and could be a good mother but i don’t want to just ditch the others. I guess I could move a plant outdoors…

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Walk before you run or jump in with both feet. Clear what way you lean. You are going to need another tent / grow space and a whole lot more light.


Yeah i think you are right… As soon as i have the funds I will buy another tent… But for now, this is where we are at.

I had noticed a few aphids so i sprayed with a mild dawn and water solution hoping to knock them out before they multiply. I am not flowering yet so I could apply pesticides that are safe for marijuana. Luckily I have a few grow stores nearby.

I also treated with a solution of Cyco Silica at 2ml per liter. I have read that silica can make a plant more resistant to many environmental issues…

I took my 3 seedlings out from under my 2ft T5 and transplanted into Happy Frog. Ran out and actually mixed with reg potting soil for last :seedling: so it may have too many nutrients in the future and need to be transplanted again into a better option.

I plan on taking some cuttings from these plants and forcing them to flower at buddies place so I can sex them and stop wasting time with potential males…

I know that the Skywalker OG is Fem so I may switch focus to that one. Miss Cleo and Blueberry were random seeds found in dispo weed so not sure on genetics which is unfortunate, but again… This is where we are at.

Well what u guys think?

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I was just thinking about incorporating silica too. There was a recent post about using it with a product recommendation. I have to search and see if I can find it I think it was by @BetrayedSoul. I was also wondering about sexing the bag seed. A lot of time and energy goes into this process to find out “its a boy”


I cant recall which I used that was silica. Would be emerald harvest product.

Did another defoliation on Miss Cleo and Blueberry and some more bending and tying.

Tried for a couple small clones from Miss Cleo. I want to send them to friends house to flower because I am not on that schedule yet. We will see if they root. I’ve never done it before. Used a powder rooting hormone.

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To catch up to speed…

06/17: Bottom fed the 3 older plants Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow A & B. 3 1/2 ml per liter. Continued plucking a few leaves.

6/18: Bought a used LED. Came from same place as my other one and this is half the light. This is 600w. (Not actual wattage)v other is 1200w. I moved lights closer to plants.

6/19: noticing some spotting on a seedling. Mam at HTG Supply said may be light burn as I spray my plants and the light can be magnified by drops of water. I may have shocked plants a little with light.

I bought some Captain Jack’s. Spinosad spray and hit them hard before bed. I also gave them a strong drink of Cyco Silica 2ml/l. And used half a gallon Recharge solution on them at 1 tsp/gallon for their roots.

6/20: Definitely over-watered… Moved Blueberry outside as it was hurting most. Gave it a lot of sun and it perked right up. I don’t recommend it as you could pick up pests. But I want this plant healthy, I have been putting in work.

          The spotting is worse.  Does anyone know what is causing this?  ![20200620_181514|375x500](upload://q4LQeYQ4oWbXeYIJ44yQPrw8iS2.jpeg) ![20200620_181351|375x500](upload://vu4op1iZDHGW8K4frMaQVvsC9gU.jpeg) ![20200620_181514|375x500](upload://q4LQeYQ4oWbXeYIJ44yQPrw8iS2.jpeg) ![20200620_181524|375x500](upload://y3wSi28K1N8IH69pYmNV2mL2M3u.jpeg) ![20200620_181509|666x500](upload://xs1ZE2LAjpb8bRLn7gzWqs8X0T0.jpeg)

Spotting is more than likely water on the leaves. Are you careful with your watering?

I sprayed my plants leaves when they were young and it looked like yours but x10. I wouldnt worry too much. That plant still looks pretty young. Give it a few weeks and you wont even remember the spotty leaves.

This is her now:


I sure hope that was it. I definitely learned how not to spray plants… So I am a terrible overwaterer! Not to mention my ignorance of the PH… I went ahead and bought a cheap meter.

I left my girls alone for a few days to dry. Yesterday I watered the clone (Skywalker OG) with 6 PH water. I measured runoff at 6.8! What a swing… How do I address that issue?

I was able to do a PH test on one more plant and it came out 6.5. Then I noticed the gnats… So I am further drying the others.

After letting them dry out, how should I proceed to combat the fungus gnats?

What should I do for the PH imbalance in the soil? Water with lower PH, correct?

Im not 100% on how to lower your runoff. I think you water with correct ph until you get the runoff you want but dont quote me.

Never spray leaves unless you are foliar feeding, thats done before the lights go off.

And as for the fungus gnats, you can use neem oil and yellow fly paper. Letting your plants dry out should lower the numbers since they thrive in wet soil.

Watering can be tricky. You can over water and it can recover as long as you give it time to dry. A good rule of thumb is the lift test. Water your plant and lift the pot, thats how it should feel completely wet. You can use that to judge when your plants need water.

I put my finger in the soil about to the second knuckle. If its dry i lift it. If its light i look at the bottom of the pot. If thats dry i then water.

Thank you, I have let them dry out quite a bit and I have a new 4x4 tent. I will be moving the 3 more mature plants in to flower. I am on my computer or I would post pics. sta
y tuned

Set to follow. Good luck bud.

I’m glad I have been keeping a journal here as I cannot find my written one.

I have been letting them dry out because of fungus gnats and oversaturation. I set up the tent and I transplanted Skywalker OG, Miss Cleo, and Blueberry. Put miss Cleo in a 7 gal airpot and the other two in 5 gal airpots to help with the long dry out times. I also amended the soil I used with perlite at about 2 1/2 to 1 soil/perlite. Used Ocean Forest with some cheaper Better Homes and Gardens Organic soil to make my soil last longer. I run nutes so I am not too concerned about changing the ratio of nutes in the Ocean Forest soil. After the transplant I watered with T Drops from CS Horticulture. They are to kill the fungus gnat larvae. I placed a few sticky traps around to trap breeders and monitor the population. Hung up my home-made screen… Next up is the 2.5x2.5 veg tent where I have two Chem Dawg and one Durban Poison. Has to be moved to this room where I can keep them further from bugs and control temp better.

Nice set up man. Looks good.

Thank you, I’m about to go into flower in the 4x4 and I am not sure how to prep them. I know they are getting really bushy, at least the oldest one is. Do I just get up under that canopy and trim away?? Do I just let them go? I haven’t flipped lighting yet and tonight did another pruning to promote branch growth. So I will go 12/12 in a week or two probably and will use Sensi Grow A + B and Big Bud. I may buy something else if needed or recommended for better yeild or potency.

Oh yeah… I just ordered a strip light in 4:1 red/blue. I am going to put it into the flower tent as supplemental lighting for side or under canopy.

What should I do?? oh I just checked to link to that strip light and it arrives tomorrow and I just ordered it today… lmao Amazon Prime FTW!!

Well i broke down and spent a little bit… Happy birthday to me i guess. It is this month :laughing:


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