First Grow DWC Super Silver Haze

Hi everyone.
This is my first grow.
I’ve read through so many other grow journals and seen the help you all provide so thought it wise to do my own and hopefully some of you will join my on my grow and help where I’ll definitely need it.

I intent on topping my plants and using a SCROG screen

Using a 1x1x2 grow tent.
Super silver haze fem seeds
Dwc grow. 3, 5 gallon buckets with nutrient tank
Got my
Air stone
Extractor with carbon filter
Timer for light and temperature control for extractor and heater
A Phlizon 600w LED light with veg and bloom button
A lunar 600w led
And 60w led for the seedlings while they grow in rockwool
Ph pens etc.
SCROG netting
The full canna grow nutrient range
I also have spares of everything incase something breaks

The seedlings have germinated and cracked open after 50 hours in water. There now in ph perfect soaked rockwool cubes on a heated propagator in domes under my 60w led light.

I intend on using the phlizon 600w led for the veg state and was wondering if I should attach the lunar 600w aswel during veg, or when I switch to bloom or not bother and just stick with the phlizon. Will 1 600w be enough or double up for 1200w

I know I’m very early into this but if anyone sees something not right or any tips be really thankful.

I’ll keep posting throughout my grow

Fingers crossed

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Happy growing!

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Hi, little confused. 2 of my plants are growing great. Lush green and strong stems etc. However 1 seems to be growing big fans leaves and getting bigger and bigger bug no new nodes. Plus it looks like it’s missing 1 of 4 leaves. I’ll attach 1st photo of healthy plant and then of the problematic plant. Can someone give me some advice on what’s happening please.

Sorry just remembered I need to take pics with LED off

So I’m into week 4 of the grow. I’m using minimal nutrients of Canna A and Canna B with some Rhizotonic. 5ml of both the Canna to the entire setup and 8ml of Rhizotonic, 3ml of nitrogen. Trying my best to avoid nut burn and start small increase slowly. Maintaining a PH of 5.6 roughly. Done 2 clean outs of my set up and the lights are on a 18 hour on, 6 hour off cycle. Roughly 20 inches from the plant. Humidity of around 70 percent. Temp around 25 degrees although I’ve struggled to keep the heat down the last week as outside temps have soared. Max temp reading is 31. But the plants still look healthy I think. Any advice would be awesome. Thanks

I’m wondering whether it’s worth Topping the issue plant early to force new nodes or is that stupid. I cant see any new growth in the plant apart from height and leaf growth

About that size they tend to stall for a bit until they make more roots. They’ll explode about a week after.

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I’ve noticed new development ar the base of the plant. Be interested to see how this faulty seeds develops. Was thinking of germinating a new seed but I’m guna stick with this guy and see what happens.