First Grow - Dry Leaves, Dark Green and yellow/orange spots - GG#4 Auto - HELP DIAGNOSING :)

Hey Guys!

This is my first grow and its been going great! It’s a 4-5 week old GG auto. DWC with flora, calmag, hydroguard and a few other nutes. I recently started her on LST, no topping though so the LST is kind of half-assed. I did manage to get her spread out into a circle but she grew and filled in literally in 2 days. After she did that, I defoliated 3-4 of the massive fan leaves on the bottom and a couple large ones up top covering bud sites. Last night a swapped out her nutes w new water and started her on the transition week of the flora feeding chart at a little more than .5-.6 strength.

I also added Pro CO2 to my tent. She’s at 1.8 EC/approx. 1200ppm @ 700 / approx. 800ppm @ 500 and ph of 6.2.

Im running a Spider sf-1000 16-18in above her at 100%, a vivosun 1000 and a stupid little UFO. The spider puts out 100, so does the vivosun and the UFO is 65watts. There is a 2 week old blueberry next to my GG that under the vivosun, but the plants are close so my GG gets plenty of light. I have temp and humidity meters set for 80deg and 65% rh. The past 2-3 days, she went from a medium healthy green to a darker green with these spots on the left side (see pic) theyre SOOOO small and I foliar spray once or twice thru the day so i first thought she got a bit burnt - but shes starting to look a but saggy in th sugar leaves and just overall looks either heat stressed or nute burn/locked. This plant has never had any issues the entire grow and has always bounced RIGHT back from any training/pruning. Roots are look ok - about 80%. I have bio-root, hydrogaurd and just added great white to the DWC today to try and get this girl to drink! Shes been stuck at this 1.8EC for 2 days now which hasnt really happened to me since the start of growing - any advice?!




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I’m sorry I’m not gonna lead u down the wrong road, I haven’t got my feet wet with dwc but @Covertgrower may

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I would stop foliar feeding if you haven’t already. 1.8 EC isn’t too high, for that age, and how much lighting you have on it. You may want to consider dimming a little. Veg plants don’t need that much light until almost flower.

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