First grow down - New Grow Room Build-out - Newbie_MN


I think i saw that once man. Trichs are the thc holders, not pistils. But eh… cant knock chasing a xmas smoke


I think it’s more about having family in the house, even with the 6" carbon filter, still a little stinky :stuck_out_tongue:


Ooooooo. Yup gotta watch those nosey fam members. My nephews kept tryna go in my grow room over thanksgiving. They r cool but the youngest cant hold water. The oldest however… he will be joining the ‘family bizness’ shortly


Yes like @dbrn32 said that is for someone with out a loop to look threw to ck the tris but if you go that route it will work but won’t be as good as it could be that is the way we use to judge for ripening but u loose a lot of yield by not going by tricombs also you do realize it won’t be done by holidays even if you harvest on sat it is 12-17 days of drying then u got a few days in final trim then 2.5-3.5 weeks for a proper cure sry to give bad news but if u rush it you will be stuck with a lot that might not be worth smoking


Just like @PurpNGold74 and @BigDaddyCain said.

The condition of your trichs is what’s going to determine when it’s time to chop. But you don’t want to miss out on that last bud swell. Your pics from yesterday still show a lot of clear trichs and I can see white pistis in the pics. If you were looking mostly cloudy with a few white pistils I’d say go for it. But your not, looks like a good portion are still clear, so may as well let em ripen and see if you can get a little more weight out of them.


Yeah, not necessarily looking for smoke for the holidays, just want the curing to be underway so most/all of the smell is out of the house (outside of burping times). TBH, I am mostly trying to get enough firepower from you guys, to talk my partner into waiting at least another week :slight_smile:.

Thanks again for all of the feedback! I really appreciate it! More pics of the whole plant to come…


Ok now to the smell when you harvest the smell is going to go insane if anything I would find a way to vent outside that will knock some of the smell outside I vent all my shit outside into a compost bucket I have and the smell in my house is gone and the compost bucket takes care of any weed smell going threw it. Don’t get me wrong I don’t use the compost in that bucket lol it’s only to mask smell due to my state not legal


You’d be surprised. As dry as it is this time of year they dry pretty quickly. In the Midwest, I’d be surprised if they weren’t borderline overdry in a week. If you cut in a week, that’s the 12th. I’d bet they would be ready for jars by the 20th or earlier. I’d say you can snag a nug or two for Christmas joint. Won’t be the smoothest smoke, but should light you up.


I second that, if it stinks now just wait til that weed is drying lol.


Ya I’m on east cost so ya not dry here ever winter is cold and moist summer is hot and sticky fall is just wet all the dam time lol so i dry my stuff 7-14 days min and cure for 2.5 weeks min


Here are pics.


Ok master has a lot of white still there and the Hindi is a bit more white i stick to my original statement they need till at least wed u should be fine to cut down on wed the 12th if u go to next sat it will be more body less head but wed should give u perfect mix also if u shoot for the 12th then start your flush now. On a side note I love the colors.


Yea those colors are looking good. Soon grasshopper. Soon


@PurpNGold74 yo I think I’m gonna put some pics up on my grow again today the topping I did on day 17 from seed pop is starting to look really good


I think im off topic again. Tag me when u do. U know i love photos :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I agree with others. You’re close, keep eye on them.


Latest pictures from yesterday…


Loads of cloudy. I see a few leaves tho. Remember only check the more mature looking buds


Yeah, @PurpNGold74, it’s hard to get all up in it without smashing the camera into the buds! I don’t want to ruin them! LOL


LoL! I completely understand. Cant damage the merchandise