First grow down - New Grow Room Build-out - Newbie_MN


Yeah I’m pretty sure you are gonna blow way past your first grow just based on how much growth you have already. I have a separate reservoir so I can add water, nutes, etc. Makes it way easier. If you want I’ll tag you in mine so you can see what I’m talking about.


Tag away @DoobieNoobie!


Just spitballing but is there a way you could run a couple 90s into the side of the tank, one at the top and one at the bottom. Then connect the two with a piece of clear aquarium line?


Delicious buds!! Hindu Kush.


Would anyone change anything at this point in my grow?? I really just want to leave these girls alone (no trimming or anything) until they are done. Or is there anything I should be doing to increase yeald?


That’s a really thick plant, I wouldn’t think any of the bud sites deeper in the canopy would develop too much, so I’d probably consider removing them and opening up the plant a little. But see what the others think. You may be able to do a little bending too.


Yeah! There are so many buds deep in the plant, just not sure if I should mess with them, or just let them go. Only my second grow, hence why I’m asking the forums. I’m sure I will learn either way… Thanks @dbrn32!


Understood. Up to you how to proceed, can and likely will be a learning experience either way.

Did the plant grow naturally like that, or did you do some topping?


No topping, just natural growth.


She’s a bush for sure!


Yea she is a LOVELY bush. But as DB said (dude is pretty spot on about alot) some clearing out (down low) would help her focus more juice on the main buds up top. I know all those budsites are super tempting. But its going to be wayyyy to humid in there as she goes.

Some good lst to spread her out and let light inside would be good for her too.

What is she again? Doggone fine looking plant


Two plants there actually. Hindu Kush and Master Kush. Never thought about the moisture being a problem in there, that’s a good point, it is definitely thick and will be tough to trim. Should i really just be leaving the top, main colas? Probably need to get a bigger fan in there too i suppose. Thanks @PurpNGold74.


Ok clearing out the stuff 8-15 inches from base depending on size should be cut out anything that low is only stealing nuts from good forming buds. So if you remove it will increase yield and force to grow more bud sites at top. And the stuff at bottom won’t get anything the end of flower and will brown and die intern stressing plant at crucial points that will hurt yield. But it’s really up to you


Yup wat BDC said. Bout a foot of the lower growth stuff wont amount to much aside from larfiness and sugar leaves. Good for edibles but not exactly smoke quality. Ud prefer that energy going up. But dont take em all at once.

N do u have any circulation going on in there? Not tryna change ur grow. Whatever ur doing she loves it. Just keep an eye open :eyes:


Also if u are pass 4 weeks flower and it looks like you are don’t super crop her it to late for it to heal so best way to open her up is tie and bend no cropping. And if u are going to lollipop her do it all at one time it’s to late to do in stages u want her to heal all at once so she can get back to working on the stuff u want and that be da buds.


Ok, I cut a lot of it out the other day, from the bottom, getting better air flow for sure, they look like they recovered nicely, so can hopefully get back to bud growth. Feeling good about it!


How she looking?


@newbie_MN pic plz so we can see how it went lol




That entire bag on the floor was from just that trimming.

I will upload a couple more pics in a few days.

Thanks @BigDaddyCain, @PurpNGold74, and @dbrn32!


Lol thats ALOT more then a haircut! You can see her curves now. May need supports eventually :joy::joy: