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Hi All!

I now have my first grow under my belt and IMO it was just meh… I used a big box store grow light (45w, but added some extra lighting later) and a hydroponic grow setup, no tent, no ventilation, just on a cart in my utility room. I just did one plant (Master Kush, right here from ILGM!!!) to see how the whole process works and to learn/adapt for future grows. I ended up getting ~1.5 ounces from the looks of it, probably less by weight, but haven’t gotten a scale yet ;-). Annnd, that brings me to this thread… I am going to build out a grow area and wanted to use this to get the professionals opinion before I spend a bunch of $ on stuff I shouldn’t!

This will hopefully include a grow tent, DIY light, Ventalation, and a DIY aeroponic system. I had another thread that I received great information from @dbrn32, @BigDaddyCain, @mountainman1, @PurpNGold74, @raustin and @latewood.

More to come in a few!!! Thanks for any opinions you can provide!

First off:



DiY Aeroponics Build:

DiY Light: @dbrn32, I will upload some pics of the “heat sync” material that I already have, which measures 12" x 36".


Pulling out my lawn chair, :popcorn:, and joint papers. Will be right over here :joy:


Here is what I have for heat sync mentioned above as I said measures 12" x 36" so I think would hang nicely in a 2 x 4 tent…

This is currently used as garage organization that I am not using. The “L” bracket on the back will come off so it will be a flat surface.

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How wide are those flat parts on top?

I will pull one down, and make a little drawing :slight_smile:

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A measurement of the flat spots on each side will do.

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Looks like you have a good grasp on what you wish to do
Where are you planning to place the tent
I would also recommend you get the tallest tent you can fit in space
Once you hang lights subtract hieght need between fixture and canopy 5 foot may not be tall enough
I personally flower in a room and veg in a tent ?


@Countryboyjvd1971, I am planning on placing the tent in my utility room so the ceilings are quite high (I think around 9’). I am not wanting to have 2 separate tents if at all possible, want a setup that will go from start to finish (other than germinating). Great point on the height of the tent, I will look for a taller one!


No worries you can grow in one tent
Hieght is critical lol
Happy growing if i can assist just tag me
Fyi welcome to the forum think it the first time we’ve chatted

@dbrn32, Here are some more pictures of the heat sync with a little drawing.

Front (where I propose to install the LED strips)

Back (hopefully to dissipate heat)


15/16” is enough. Do you have 2 pieces 12”x36”?

I figure you could do 2 lights like 125-150 watts each and would rock a 2x4 pretty good. Not sure how the heat would behave passively with the channels, but will most likely be fine. Absolute worst case scenario you would be able to throw a clip on fan or pc fan blowing over each light and sink temp would be barely above ambient.

Aeroponics is a lot less for giveing then say rdwc systems if you get a clogged sprayer the plant it was supposed to spray will die. Where as rdwc you get the bennifit of recirculating but no sprayer to get clogged and kill your plant down side to rdwc is you will spend a ton in nuits cose every time you change water you need to add all the nuits again and I’m in a 5 5gal rdwc system at start it’s not bad but when the ladies get hungry I use like 1.5 to 2 oz of each nuit and that’s at start it gets more and more after that lol and I change my water every two to 3 weeks depending on how the ppm and ph is doing

I do have more pieces, would most likely want to do one light to start in order to keep the price down, then build another one when I have funding. Can you spec out what I would need if using these (unless of course they are crap :wink: ):

How close together you would mount them, driver to use, etc… I read the other thread where you mounted them right against each other, not sure if the same would be true here?

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When I followed that link here is what I came up with.

Can you copy paste part number? I’m sure I can find it that way.

Let’s see how things work out. If you plan on building another one would be a little different than just trying to make most out of one. Hard to do because of driver sizing without going to parallel connections on leds, and I prefer you don’t do that.

Sorry! Here it is!
Digikey#: 976-1493-ND
MFG#: BXEB-L0280Z-35E1000-C-A3

@BigDaddyCain, thanks for the info above! Just noticed it! I think with the DiY system in the video, you would be covered by multiple sprayers for each plant (If I am seeing it properly :slight_smile: ). Is rdwc just static water with air stones throughout? Could I do rdwc in the same bin (which i already purchased)? Are there other considerations outside of clogged sprayers that I have to keep in mind?

Thanks again! Much appreciated!

Clog sprayer or power outages even moving the plant in either system can brake them also u need to get a timer for watering in either setup

@dbrn32, what does “tunable” mean? Looking at this strip…

The vesta strip has 2 channels with different diodes on each channel. so if you hooked each channel up with a different dimmable driver, you could change the color temp to anything between the 2700k and 5000k.

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