First Grow, Down and Dirty Cheap Grow - Zkittlez Autoflower

very nice they look good and healthy. did you top them at all?

Did not top. Just Lst. Growing in coco using maxi bloom only

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Day 3

Little one doing well. Taking dome off. Gonna keep light at 15". Might raise to 18" with dome off now, will have to monitor. Recorded temps and rh at day and night. Not sure if matters much with dome on still and a tray of veg seedling in the room.

Day: 80F/35%
Night: 73F/35%

Day 4

Still doing well. Noticed RH was dropping really low. Placed humidifier in cabinet to increase. Down side is that increases temperature a little. Sitting around 45%. Temps during the day about 83F. First leaves looking strong with second set peeking its way through. Might give her a spray of water later today? No nutes or a little not sure. Any recomendations?

Day 5

Gave her a 1/2 cup of water this morning.

Day 6

Still going well. Nothing special going on. Just want to post daily pics as i haven’t seen anyone do that.


Day 7

Quick pic update, still doing well.

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Day 8

Gave 1/4 nutes with watering this morning. Still doing good.

Day 9

Still going well. Feels like she is doubling in size everyday. I can see roots on the side of the cup when i peek. Could be ready to transplant within a few days.

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Destined to be great.

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Day 10

Still doing well.

Day 11

Still doing well. Gave her some more water with 1/4 nutes.

Day 12

New home. Broke down and bought a tent, 3Hx3Wx6D. Light still at 18" above plant. Transplanted her into a 5 gal bag. Kind of fucked up a little when transplanting. A small portion of the soil came off and ripped some of the roots. The pic of her is a few hours after transplant. She has seemed to not notice at all. Note to self just start in main pot to begin with. Overall still looking good. Last watering should have just been water only. Stupidly watered with nutes and a smidge of burn on the tips can be noticed. Next two watering’s will be water only. Put heating mat under bag for now to keep soil warm as she says hi to her new home.

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