First Grow, Down and Dirty Cheap Grow - Zkittlez Autoflower

Ok I finally figured out ppm I didn’t hit the mode button lol I’m only getting a read of 12 plant water do I need to find different water

No, not if that is the PPMS of the water you’re using, what was the PH? Later down the road you’ll have to start supplementing calmag with water readings that low. We all use it, it’s critical for growth. Save the leaf chart for the future :love_you_gesture:

Yeah I got it I had to add tap which was 680 and lower it down with good water 510 is all I got should be good rite and my maturing plant I water around 780 rite

So silicia is different than cal mag or do I need both

I’m confused on this? Your water is that high?? And yes calmag is different and you’ll need it as well.

Yes my water out the tap is 680 I live in the desert my friend

Holy crap that’s high as F**K.! I’m assuming that’s municipal and not well water? Yeah I would say you made the right choice in not using that for your plants. The 500 PPM reading I mentioned should be the soil composition. Your water to feed should be around a 100 or less. For example my tap has a PH of 7.1-7.2 and a PPM of 50, so I add PH down to get my desired PH. The bottled water is the best choice :love_you_gesture:. Take a reading of the bottled water mixed with some of your coco. You’re good around 500-800 on your readings. PH your water to 5.7-5.9 on the test.

Ok my drinking water is pH and ppm of 13 so I’ll jus use bottled water

Is that your bottle water? Just PH down is all you need if so, for now anyway :love_you_gesture:

No that’s from the water lady she’s has the best in the valley it’s 7 pH and 13 ppm but I do a different read on regular bottled water

Gotcha, just remember the sweet zone for coco, in the reading example I showed you mine are low. I top fed this morning at 5.9 and 6.5 for the 2 in Happy Frog

@Low @Woodrow

Day 82

She is getting really close. If I had to guess and others can chime in here, about 3 more weeks I’m guessing. Maybe 2 weeks if she does something crazy. Don’t have loupe yet but got the closest macro shot I could. Most sites look like this just some bigger than others.

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I’d give it a couple weeks. You can always just look at what trichs are supposed to be and get a photo, enlarge it on your phone and take a guess. But for what you started out with on a small budget, you done good


I’m with @Woodrow, at least 2 weeks and trichome checking. I down loaded a microscope app for my IPhone and it works pretty good and free :love_you_gesture:


Quick update. Got loop for viewing. Checked a few spots, dang it is hard to focus the thing and keep things steady. But yeah still very clear. Will check back next week.

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How many pics did it take to get one that was in focus? I have a hellavu time trying to get pics that clear

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think i had taken 20 or so. the ones you see are the best ones.

What brand is it?

It’s what they had at the local grow store.

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I use a 60x I took from an old spotting scope. It works but trying to hold it against the phone and take pics don’t work well. But it’s good for seeing the trichs.