First Grow, Down and Dirty Cheap Grow - Zkittlez Autoflower

Awesome job Brother, I see a lot of nice green new growth. Just keep adding straight PH’d water for now. Around week 4 will be the time to start nutrients. I would test my run off or a slurry test since Pot 4 Pot claims start to harvest before adding the nutrients. :love_you_gesture:

Ok thx my guy all my new toys come today can’t wait to get it goin

You’re on a roll now, play around with the PH and TDS pens on tap water, it’s always good to know what that PH and the mineral content is just for back up, flushing ext… mix a gallon of nutrients if you have them (Jacks 321) is the easiest and most complete line out there. I made the switch from Fox Farm Trio and love it. Anyway follow the feed schedule by the plants age and cut that by 1/2. Record those readings in a journal for later reference. You’ll want to keep a daily journal to record feedings, run off values, your mistakes if you’re like me. I’m set to follow you and I’ll grab my Bong, Grinder and popcorn :love_you_gesture:

How can I reply to you and show a ppicture? I’ve tried and tried

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Type @OGIncognito. To tag anyone just use the @ symbol


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did you see that Pic. Idk y my pics are sideways but you can easily see the burn huh? I rinsed yesterday best I could in the tub with ph balanced water

Do you have a way to measure the run off? PH pen and TDS pen? How long has she been in flower and amount of nutes you’re feeding? Anyway to get a better leaf pic? Those buds look pretty fat, how are the trichomes looking, you’ll use those as an indicator to harvest. I ask because if you’re anywhere around 2 weeks from harvest, you should be flushing with water only :love_you_gesture:

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Yeah man, that’s what I’ll do. Just flush. How often you recommend, say every 3 days. And I only have the ph meter. This is my first grow. I appreciate all the advice. I would have never known when to harvest. I desperately need a jeweler loop. It’s it true that you can miss the best harvest time by like just 1 day?

That look crazy goody guy gud ish

I like about 15% amber in my trichomes with the rest milky. That percentage is great for a day weed to buzz on without couch lock. The longer you let it go it becomes more of a sedative buzz plus the THC can start to diminish. I rely on my phone camera and also downloaded a microscope app for my IPhone. Flush every day, I usually flush until I get a good bit coming out the bottom of the pot. You’ll want to flush all those nuts out for a smoother smoke :love_you_gesture:

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Ok got my meters and stuff
Whats next? could u give me some readings so I know what to base it off of thx

To run a slurry test you should take equal amounts of medium to distilled water. 1/2 cup of each should work. Most suggest letting that rest for several hours then filter through a coffee filter into a clean cup and test your PH and PPMs,. For a seedling I would say around 500 on the PPMs and 5.7-5.9 are coco sweet spots. Also just experiment with your tap water ph and PPMs

I did all three
I got the 3n1 deal for pH. Soil and light all 3 say under 7.

What name and brand? We want to use the 500 scale for measuring PPMS. As that reading from your plant or water?

Vivosun it’s off of Amazon

Look at my lil lady takin off I could believe all she needed was more water and trusting the process thanks again bro for caring about a fellow grower

First pic is yesterday but look at today she’s happy

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Digging it Bro, she is good now :love_you_gesture: keep up the good work