First grow don’t know if I am doing good or bad so far

I believe it’s been 4-5 weeks from seed. just wondering if my plant is looking good so far.


So far they look good. :+1:

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If you posted pictures in a more natural light we could get a lot better look at them. So far I would say you are doing well. The differences in color tone could potentially be an issue though.

Does your light have switches than change the light spectrum? The build of your plant suggests it’s under a lot of blue light.

I can post a pic tomorrow and the light I have is a 1000w led full spectrum. the tip is burnt a little, I believe it is a nutrient burn because I got the runoff off the plant after watering and was over 1000 ppm so I flushed don’t know if I am overthinking but yea that’s what happened so far.

Here is a photo without the light.


I dont see any burnt tips dont flush as u will need to replenish what she was eating good soil has a fairly high run off with just ph d water …dont over think it that’s a beautiful happy plant leaves are perfectly erect nothing drooping over health a +

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Nice training and good starting structure for a great plant by the way :+1::+1:

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Thanks @fano_man but I don’t know what’s causing those marks on the top left of the plant.

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I’m willing to bet it’s Becuase they are touching soil. With watering and moisture and the leaves sitting on soil it can cause leaves to yellow and stuff.

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^^^that’s mostlikly the cause cuz everything else looks so well…


i think you may have a little critter in there, too. take a look at the back sides of your leaves. otherwise she is looking great!

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Naw that’s definitely not critter damageni bet it just got wet with the soil one day or your right at the wmsweet spot for your plant nute wise juuust enought to paint the nail of a few fingers as we call it

Yea it is pretty close to the soil hope that doesn’t cause any problems. So I have been doing research for a few days now so you can put it to flower any time so since my plant is topped and lst the nodes between the fan leaf and the center is a cola each?

As your plant grows it will get taller and leaves won’t touch as much, you can do some bending and training to try and keep them off though .

I’m a heavy trainer I’d cut all that lower growth get stuff flowing up fans dont help much at young age yes they help with photosynthesis but they will replace themselves quick up higher ur gonna end up cleaning those leaves off sooner or later they won’t get light in a few weeks

Once I get a branch out of leaf and its able to reach side of the bucket I’ll usually cut the leaf super crop to certain open space tie down its gone Bush up so fast with 4 tops instead of one you know what I mean

@Bizlaki … WELCOME, and get ready to have some fun!!

Thanks for the tips @fano_man will do I just have some discoloration on the edges On some leaves going to upload a update pic rn to show you what I mean.

@dbrn32 could I get your opinion as well if you don’t mind I don’t want my baby to die.