First grow, don’t even know how much help I need yet…

Well hello first let me start by thanking everyone on these forums for all the outstanding knowledge that is shared so willingly and freely amongst growers. I am currently setting up multiple tents and will be growing a variety in my garden, hopefully. I will expand on each individual grow tent as I get more set up. Of course I am impatient and wanted something growing while I set up my variable grow operations so I decided I would jump in to the auto flower arena and see what it was about. I am currently growing Four ILGM zSkittles autos. Currently they are in 5 gallon cloth pots in ff ocean, this may have been a mistake but I just filled the pots with straight potting soil. I germinated 3 seed and put them in a little finger hole in the soil loosely covered them with ff ocean, watered lightly and waited. Two popped quickly and the third I thought I messed up on so I germinated one more seed. Put it in the pot I thought I messed up and boom now it’s sisters in the same pot. They are different sizes but both seem to be doing well. Currently the are in the lower section of a multi tent 4’x1’ with a Mars hydro 600led. The nursery is on the shelf above with another 600led so the autos will get more light from above. You will figure out I have a love hate relationship with punctuation and run on sentences… back to business. The girls were on a 24h solid light schedule for a week and seem great. After reading more about autos on this forum I am switching to a 20/4 light cycle so they can rest a bit. I would love to learn from others growing autos what worked for them light wise from watts to recommended distance. I have the light roughly 18” above the girls. Let’s see if I can figure out how to post some pictures of the girls.

Also my first question is splitting up the two in one five gallon pot. Should I split them? Could they be trained? One is also a week younger so?


Yes but do it now - it will very quickly be too late if you don’t.

I made the mistake of planting two autos I thought were both bad genetics and thus would die off in one planter - now I’ve got two nearly full-sized plants competing for root space. I have another of the same strain in her own planter and she’s faring much better in terms of size and flower production than her sister seed in the shared pot.

Here’s the 2 plants sharing one planter:

And the one plant in her own:

She’s the front and center(ish) plant in the group photo:

20/4 or even 18/6 is good for autos. I like 18/6, saves me 2 hours of electricity every day. But one thing to learn early is what DLI is and does for your plants. It’s essentially the maximum amount of light a plant can utilize in a day - if you can hit ideal DLI without running your lights 24/0, then there’s zero reason to do it.

You can read about DLI here, Nicky is much more knowledgeable than I am. Start using DLI

Yes. But it’s a pain. See the shared planter above - the issue is the root zone, not really the ability to spread them up above ground to share light better.

Move the youngest one. Her roots will be less established and should be easier to transplant into her own pot.

Regarding transplants - I’d only do it once if you have to transplant at all. So if they aren’t already in final homes, get em there on the next transplant.

:v: welcome aboard.

The middle lady wasn’t sad earlier before lights out. They got watered (R/O) and will see how she responds. Open to suggestion on splitting the two in one pot up. Neither has been moved.

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Welcome! I look foreword to seeing your operation grow.

By the time I could load some photos I have already received some awesome advice! Thank you @Graysin

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Thank you, I am also working on a 4x4 hydroponic DWC system. Will be sharing that adventure soon. Still learning and hoping to be able to help others here as well.


They look healthy as can be. :+1:

Get the little gal in her own pot and you’ll be on your way.

PS, investigate a good PH meter from BlueLabs or Apera, and if you haven’t got one on hand, get yourself a PPM/TDS meter (the same brands work well, but a cheap $5-15 one off Amazon will work fine for your purposes with the TDS). The two prong moisture meters are good for very little beyond telling you if the soil down below the surface level is still wet.

Thanks for the tips! @Graysin The two prong things were more of an experiment, so many articles talked about overwatering and figured they would be the ‘check engine” light if I did something terrible. I guess a deployed airbag would also let me know I crashed?

I picked up the two probes you mentioned and I got a Floratek 3 to run my 4 site DWC. I haven’t even started down that road, I wanted my autos growing while I work.

Super excited to be involved here!

New accommodations all set up. Hope i didn’t upset her.


This is true and those meters will tell you (for the most part) that it isn’t time to water yet til it’s close to time. But a better alternative is to start getting familiar with the weight of your pot. For me, a mostly dried out pot weighs a lot less than a freshly watered plant or even a three-days-since-watering-plant. If you have an idea what it feels like when it’s watering day, and an idea what it feels like right after fully watering, you’ll know two things - you aren’t drowning them, and you don’t have channels in your soil that are preventing water from soaking the entire root zone (and thus leaving your pot weirdly light even after what should have been a full watering).

She looks good - I know she’ll give you a little grief after the move but she should bounce back fine.

Oh, DWC is a fun one. That’s how I started growing. I’ll probably stay DWC/RDWC for the plants I want a high yield out of. :v:

I am trying to run 4 12 gal totes (black tote removable yellow lid) with a 5th for the reservoir. One plant per tote. I was going to do 2 per tote but decided to try for a less is more approach. I want the girls to have plenty of room. I will be running gold leaf photo in the Hydro and soil for the autos for now. Did you build your own? I was going to have a waterfall in each tote but have seen good flow with just one feed line 1” od line for feed and 2” pvc for flow. I am going to use the tek 3 to run that set up, still deciding on a fertilizer. I think I plan on running FF for whatever I need but I will def be looking for suggestions. I will eventually have a trio of tents for a harvest every 4-5 weeks. It will take a lot of work before it runs semi smoothly but it will be worth it. @Graysin you were right the young transplant is a little droopy this morning but fingers crossed she pulls through.

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Yeah. My set up is custom stupidity. 5 gal bucket for each plant with a 27 gal tote for the reservoir.

I strongly advise staying away from Fox Farms nutes for hydro (and in general) because they’re super particular nutrients and create more problems than they solve (in my experience). Highly suggest checking out Jack’s 3-2-1 fertilizer. It’s cheap, easy, and has produced great results for me and many others here.

My Hydro girls on a Jack’s diet:

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I will look into jacks 321. I am def more interested in results and not spending extra money if I don’t need to.

I guess mine is a DWRC set up. Still need to finish getting things dialed in but seems to have good circulation and equal water levels. I originally had an 8 site setup but quickly realized it wasn’t a good idea for a newbie. I acknowledge that I went straight to the deep end of the pool and jumped in head first. That’s just how I do things.

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Me, too. No harm in that.

If you don’t have a chiller, get one. Spray paint your yellow lids matte black and then gloss white on top. You’ll save yourself a lot of heat issues. :v:

How is the transplant?

The transplant was sad hopefully in the morning she will have perked back up. Color is good just droopy leaves. Do you have any recommendations for chillers I would in theory need 2. One 4 site and one 2 site same dwrc set up. Noise is my main enemy so if anyone knows quieter options. I am painting the lids and fingers crossed maybe one system will be operational this weekend.

I use this guy:

I suppose in theory you could get a higher HP than 1/10 and get both lines connected to the same chiller - I’m not a plumber so the “how” of that is a bit beyond me but I believe it could probably be done.

As far as noise goes, mine is pretty much like a mini fridge. Not super loud but not totally silent either.

I ordered a water chiller on Amazon. I went with the 1/10 hp and will use it on my 2 site tent (2x4 Mars hydro tent)
That way I can have a test run before ordering either one more for the 4 site or stepping up to the 1/4hp one.
The transplant is still sad this morning but just droopy. Color looks ok and hopefully she pulls through.

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Well another week has gone by and the girls are growing. I don’t think the sprout that I transplanted is going to make it. @Graysin I am not too worried about it. The 3 ladies are growing nicely I think. They are still just getting water and seem happy.
I am considering some LST but being a rookie I am not sure I want to risk messing it up.

Finally got my 2 sprouts (ilgm gold leaf photo) into their RDWC and hopefully will see some growth. They are getting a tiny bit of Boomerang for the possible shock or stress I caused them. Will be changing their water tomorrow and getting them some food this time. I had expected to run FF nutrients but have been reading good and less good things about them for hydro. I am planning on running two different hydro tents, they will be as identical as possible, and each tent will have different nutrients. Are their just too many variables to make this an actual test worth doing?

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Ff nutes are… not worth the energy.

Jack’s 3-2-1 (if I haven’t said it before) is a great all-around nute lineup. I use it for soil, hydro and now coco.

Right now yes. I would say master DWC/RDWC before doing a comparison between plants/nutes. I think @Hellraiser and @Nicky have run Jack’s against other nutrient lines and Jack’s consistently wins. More importantly they get everything as identical as possible, including using clones cut from the same mother. Because no Two seeds are actually all that alike.

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Yep, Jacks 321 is great and cheaper than most nutes, I highly recommend it. Would not use FF nutes in hydro, Jacks is perfect for that.