First grow disater

I flushed em about two weeks back. You mentioned they look hungry. If you can be specific what should i use for a gal of 6.5 ph water, can use either my softened well water abut 0300 ppm, or R.O about 0020

Do not recall specifically but i thin 6 mo…maybe

I’d use the RO.

Next time you feed/water add some non sulphured epsom salt. About 1 tsp/gal.
Also looks a bit K deficient. I think your grow bottle has a decent ratio. Might want to up that on next feed.
Have you done a slurry test? Take about 1 tbsp. soil from about 3”-4” down in your pot, (around the roots). I go from the side since cloth pots are easy to pull down that far.

Put that soil in a cup with 2-3oz distilled water, mix really well, and then let it sit for 15-20min. Test the pH of the water then. This will give an accurate reading.

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Wouldn’t use softened water as it uses salt to soften. What are your Ppm’s at now?


Last measure at last water about 3 days ago they were about 740-760 on the runoff

Do you check ppm every watering? I’m curious of previous runoffs to see if this plant is eating

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I grow a lot of autos. I’m no pro but I have some experience. What strains are they? What light(s) are you using? These ladies are definitely hungry for nutrients. My personal recommendation is for general hydro flora lineup with Cali magic and flora micro for new guys. I’ve been through the gamut of nutrients and this is what “ kiss” or keep it stupid simple. It takes a lot of stress off and is super quick to mix. That being said I hover around 1000 ppm in veg and for whatever stupid reason even with my hydro they still like it 6.2 ph. My photo tent likes 5.8-6.0.
You should be watering every other day. If they sit in water too long the roots can’t find oxygen and that’ll lock them right out as well.
This is just what I do.


Yes i check ph and ppm every watering

Did you record your runoff prior to that last one? Would like to see the numbers to see what she’s doing

Strains From a auto mix pack, 1 ww(worst condition, probably 50% coco in that soi). 1 buble gum ( now biggest but yellowish on top) 75/20 coco-soil, 1 gelato, thos one doing best hardly touched her with any extra nutes. And 1 misc fem bag seed, straight MG-this one is actually doing best. I have a ak47 bout a month from germ, lots of baby fat leaves, no vertical growth, color is great on her though, almost all same MG soil ,maybe a handfull or two of coco and some perlite.

My souls moisture meter says to moist for every other day,im about once every 5 days, just thought of this…this leads me to believe may my soil is to tight on 1 or two plants-not draining properly in the bags, take 30 45 seconds for pools of water to seep in when watering.

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Gonna try this

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Those meters aren’t super accurate.

Try lifting the pots. Eventually you’ll learn when they need watering.

I periodically would stick my fingers into my soil and loosen it when I was using it.
Were you telling me you are only watering once every 5 days and it’s been staying wet or if it’s dried out between I can for 100% tell you that’s your lock out problem. What kind of soil moisture meter do you have?

I use the same one. You can break off that probe on the right. It’s a useless ph probe that just causes more root breakage when you stick it into the soil. The main thing you want to look at though is if soil sticks to the probe (like in your pic). If soil is on it when you pull it out, you’re still too damp

Throw that thing as far away from you as you can. It will give you false reading all day every day. I sure hope that’s not where you are reading your ph from! Seriously. Go to amazon and get two of them and the correct ph solution to calibrate them for $20 each. Because you can break one and have one lol.

Been using a ph test kit, small test vial, bottle of test solution, and a bottle each of ph up and down…you said get 2 (2 what-2 more of the same meters you said to throw away? ) , and some $20 solution to calibrate , can you define/clarify that better please

Still to damp, wow… i watered monday. Seems I Need better drainage, thinking i should try using a skinny shish-ka-bob skewer and gently poke some holes down near bottom. Also saw someome recommended using the R.O. water at 6.5 ph and pump more K,

You’re in cloth pots, cant really get better drainage than that. Likely there’s some wetting agent in the MG that retains water. We usually mix in extra perlite to the soil to improve drainage of the soil. You can add a small fan to blow on the pots to help them dry out.
I would let them dry out completely before adding more water to it.

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