First grow differences

My question is this plant seems healthier but doesn’t drink nearly as much water as the other foliage stands up proud and is much Sturdier

On the other hand this one drink much more and never seem to stand up much it also started flowering about two week behind the other is she hungry or do I have something else going on? Both are in ffhf I’ve given them a little Bergman’s flower Time a time or two. Other then that just well water that comes out at 120 ppm before cal mag every watering. Ph is always 6.1 to 6.3 when watering

What gives?

Some plants are heavy drinkers and some arent it all to do with strain type and genetics i believe

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Yes he’s correct above. Roots, foliage, stem density, zone temperature, microbiology of the soil, etc, it all will impact water intake. Just do what your doing, paying attention like you are and giving that special care and you’ll be golden brother.